Moody & Sophisticated Home Office - ORC Fall 2018, Week 2

It’s Week 2 of the One Room Challenge! Last week I showed you the “before” photos of the room I’m giving a makeover — my home office (check out that post here, where you can also find out what this challenge is all about). Also last week, I had labelled my project as a “Chic & Modern Home Office” makeover, but I’ve already changed my design plan so now we’re calling this a “Moody & Sophisticated Home Office.” I’m getting really tired of seeing gold, white and pink offices all over Instagram (my own included - guilty!) and I could use a change. I was going to keep this makeover budget-friendly by re-using everything I already had in my previous office as I’m not creating this space from scratch, merely moving it from one room to another, but I realized that I can change the style of my office while still keeping it on budget simply with a little paint and creativity, and by repurposing items from other rooms in my house.

I will keep this week’s update very brief, since baby could come any day now (yup, I’m about to give birth and yet I’ve gone and taken on the daunting task of joining the ORC!), so there are just a couple of things I want to highlight. First of all, husband will be installing this hardwood flooring in the office:


When he brought it home he temporarily stacked it in the living room next to our beautiful Persian rug that was given to us from my mother-in-law. And though I was going to move my pink over-dyed rug into the office, I’m now planning on using the Persian rug in the space to give it a more sophisticated feel. And this rug, with its deep burgundy tones, will go very nicely with the dark blue wall I plan on painting. I’m currently debating between Hale Navy (left) and North Sea (right), both by Benjamin Moore:


I painted these test swatches directly on the wall and will wait and see how they look at different times of the day. The room gets a ton of light in the morning but is really dark in the late afternoon and I don’t have adequate lighting in here. In fact, I had to heavily edit this photo just to show you a true representation of the colours! I only plan on painting this one wall because I need to use the opposite side of the room as a photo studio so those walls will remain white. Husband will be crafting and installing open shelving against this blue wall so that I can display my books and treasures.

That’s really all I have to share at this point. I’ll put together a mood board for next week’s post so you can see the new direction I’m heading. That is, if I even make it to next week… you might be seeing baby photos instead!

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