Chic & Modern Home Office - Fall 2018 ORC, Week 1

Chic & Modern Home Office - Fall 2018 ORC, Week 1

I’m participating in another round of the One Room Challenge — my 6th time doing this! My project for the first time I joined the ORC was my home office, and now that I’m moving my office to another room, it’s time to give it another makeover and this challenge gives me the motivation I need to do it. However, it’s not exactly the best time to be taking on a project…I’m pregnant and will be giving birth this month! Wish me luck!

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One Room Challenge: Week 6 - The Reveal!

It's finally here! The final week of the One Room Challenge, and my home office reveal! These last 6 weeks have flown by. I've never decorated a room of my house so quickly before. There's still more I would like to do, but I'm extremely impressed with what I was able to accomplish for now. The room definitely needs more layers but I know that they will develop organically over time.
Enough talk, let's get to the pictures! I've provided a source guide at the end of the post. If you're just joining or want a recap, start at Week 1 here


I love my new West Elm desk! It was my one splurge in the room and was definitely worth it. The Louis ghost chair replica is also new, and was an incredible price - only $79.

I didn't like the original chrome colour of this lamp so I spray-painted it. But it didn't turn out the way I wanted it to so I may re-do it in polished brass. Turns out it's hard to fake the antiqued look. 

I can't believe I was going to get rid of this chaise. I had it listed for sale on Kijiji for about 3 days before I realized I could use it in the space. I'd like to recover it one day (the upholstery is in terrible shape) but I like the bold hit of colour it adds to the space for now.


Those prints you see framed on the wall behind the chaise are by Jessica of The Aestate. I had the frame for a year and couldn't decide what to put in them until I realized that these banana leaf prints would be perfect in the faux bamboo frame. The prints were not available in the size I needed for the frame, but Jessica kindly customized the size for me so that they fit perfectly. 
This is my coffee bar area and it isn't finished yet, but I was able to "borrow" this kitchen cart from my kitchen temporarily until I find something more permanent for my home office. I originally had a base cabinet with marble countertop in mind, but now that I see this piece in the room, I think I'd like to get something similar - I like the butcher block top, it adds warmth to the room, but I think I would prefer a white bottom.

Let's have a look back at how the room looked before (if you remember, it was my master bedroom):

And the after:

I've only recently discovered the amazingness of taking panorama pictures on my iPhone, so here's an almost 180 degree view of the room:

I hope you've enjoyed following along with my home office makeover! I've had a lot of fun working on it and sharing my progress with you. Thanks so much to Linda from Calling it Home for creating the One Room Challenge and for hosting the linking party for us linking participants, it's been a great source of motivation and inspiration. If you missed it yesterday, make sure to visit Linda's ORC reveal here, along with the other 19 professional bloggers/interior designers who revealed their spaces yesterday. And don't forget about the other linking participants! Again, link back to Linda's blog for their reveals. I'm so impressed with all their work. I had the pleasure of making some new friends along this journey, thanks to all who left comments and encouraged me along the way. I hope you'll stick around even though the challenge is over - follow me on Bloglovin so you don't miss any updates, and follow me on Instagram for updates in between blog posts. 


White parsons desk: West Elm / "Luxe" chair (Louis ghost replica): Structube / Magazine holders, black and white plate (used as a tray for mugs), floor and wall shelving units: IKEA / Flocked damask wallpaper: Graham & Brown / "Beverly" prints: The Aestate / Faux topiaries: HomeSense / Overdyed rug: Rugs USA / Throw, mugs, Moroccan box, all books: Indigo / Acrylic desk organizer and pen cup: CB2 / Fabric for inspiration board and ikat pillow: Tonic Living / Live Colourfully paperweight: Kate Spade NY (c/o HomeGoods)

One Room Challenge: Week 5 - Finishing Touches

It's Thursday, and you all know what that means...time for a progress update on my One Room Challenge home office makeover! I can't believe we're in Week 5 already. If you are new to my blog and need to catch up, here are Weeks One, Two, Three and Four. Before I go on, I need to give humongous thanks to Linda from Calling it Home for creating the One Room Challenge and for inviting designers and bloggers outside of the main 20 challengers to be a part of the action through the linking party. It's introduced me to so many new people who share my passion for interior design, and has kept me motivated and focussed on getting my room completed. I also want to thank everyone for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments, whether on this blog or on Instagram

Since next week is the reveal this is the final week to get things done. It's crunch time!! Those lovely fabrics you see above arrived in my mailbox from Tonic Living yesterday. I'll be covering my corkboard with the light grey Greek key fabric and I think I'll make a pillow cover out of the blue ikat fabric. The ikat fabric was an unplanned bonus and I selected it on impulse as I was placing my order for the Greek key because it was either I pay the shipping cost for one fabric alone, or buy more fabric that costs the same as the amount to reach the free shipping order minimum. I'm so happy with these fabrics - you never know what you're going to get when you order online, and fabrics are the kind of thing you want to feel first before you buy. These Tonic Living fabrics far exceeded my expectations - they are of great quality and they look beautiful.

I had not just one but two surprises waiting for me in my mailbox yesterday! My custom-sized prints from Jessica of The Aestate arrived! They shipped so quickly that I haven't even finished painting the frame I'm going to put them in, so no photos of that just yet, but you can see the prints and the unpainted frame in last week's post. 

In addition to covering my corkboard with fabric and getting my prints framed, here's the list of what I still need to do:

- Spray paint desk lamp
- Cut and install shelving
- Set up coffee bar
- Mount things to walls (frames, mirror, inspiration board, clock)
- Style and photograph the room

Now that I'm actually making a list of what's left to doesn't seem like all that much, does it?!

Oh, and I forgot to mention that the chair I ordered last week is supposed to be arriving today, so I'll have to pick that up from the store this week. I had my heart set on a comfortable, white office chair on wheels, but couldn't find one as good as the one that got away, so I opted for an imitation Philippe Starck Ghost Chair in the meantime because I know that I'll be able to repurpose it somewhere else in my home once I do find the perfect office chair.

I hope that you will visit the other challengers in the linking party and see how their rooms are progressing! You can find links to all 70+ decorators, designers, DIYers and bloggers on Linda's blog.

Since we're nearing the end of the challenge (and, since this post has been very text-heavy), I'll leave you with a little teaser pic of a cozy corner of my new home office:

Make sure to check back next Thursday to see the completion of #projecthomeofficemakeover!

One Room Challenge, Week 4: Accessories, Prints & Other Pretty Things

Holy-moly, we're already at Week 4 of the One Room Challenge! As you know, I am making over my home office. (But if you don't know, get yourself caught up from the beginning here.)

The space that I'm turning into my home office was my master bedroom up until last Friday when I finally moved my bed into my home's second, smaller bedroom. My new West Elm desk was set up a few weeks ago, but now that the bed is out of there the desk really stands out and it's starting to look more office-y and less bedroom-y. I also moved a chaise into the office, which wasn't part of my original design plan, but it looks phenomenal! It's just the right size and style for the space. I had initally posted it on Kijiji but took the ad down 3 days later once I realized I could incorporate it into the office, which I'm very happy about because I've had it for two years and never really used it. It needs reupholstering but it's so damn comfortable that I can live with the big hole with foam poking through a little while longer. I also moved my IKEA Expedit shelving unit from the TV room into the office.  

Now that I've updated you on the progress I've made, I'd like to talk about accessories and other little things I plan on putting in the office. I've been collecting things over time (a few of which are shown in the picture above); the only new purchase I've made recently being the acrylic office organizers from CB2 (pencil cup and small stackable trays). Most of the items I'll use or display in the office have been somewhere else in my house over the last few months or even longer, and I'm now corralling everything together. I'm doing a bit of that "hunting my home" technique, if you will.

Speaking of hunting my home, I've had this faux-bamboo picture frame for over a year and all this time couldn't decide what to put in it:

...And then it hit me! These Beverly Hills Hotel-inspired watercolour prints by Jessica of The Aestate

I was heartbroken when I saw that they were only available in a 20"x30" size, but I contacted Jessica to see if she would customize the print to the size I need to fit the matting in the frame, and isn't she a sweetheart because she got back to me right away and was able to accommodate! Love her!!! While I'm waiting for my prints to arrive, I'm painting the frame white. I already have Jessica's gold heel print, that's also going in the room.

Since I'm on the subject of what's going on the walls, let's talk about this white convex mirror that I found at HomeSense a month or two ago. I bought it without any specific plan for it, but now I'm thinking of hanging it on my black fireplace wall. I'll admit, it's waaaay too small in scale for the wall and by hanging it I'm sort of forcing a circle into a square (quite literally, ha!) but let's just forgive me this design faux-pas and consider it a placeholder for now, yes? I'm hoping that once I put up a floating shelf to act as a mantle and put two matching objects at either end of the shelf, or two long vertical frames next to the mirror, it will balance the scale of the mirror a little better. Fingers crossed. And if it doesn't work out and I absolutely hate it, I can always save up for one of these bigger beauties from Up Country: 

One more thing I want to talk about for the wall - I'll be covering a plain cork board with this fabric that I ordered yesterday from Tonic Living:

I wanted a neutral colour so that the images and inspirational things I pin to the board will stand out, but I still wanted the fabric to have a little pizazz on its own so I went with a Greek key pattern in grey and white. 

I think that's enough for this week. Please click over to Linda's blog and visit the other One Room Challenge linking participants, there are some amazing transformations going on!

Click here to jump to Week 5 of my ORC home office makeover.