#WeWantToKnow: Nicole Pollock of Cotton Candy Event Staffing


I love a good story about a creative individual who turns her passion and talent into a thriving business for herself, and Nicole Pollock is one such creative. A former dancer for the NBA’s Toronto Raptors and the CFL’s Toronto Argonauts, and with a background in marketing, Nicole is a spirited and energetic entrepreneur who co-founded Cotton Candy Event Staffing with friend (and also a former dancer) Jorie Brown. Cotton Candy Events is a boutique staffing agency that offers event support in promotional staffing, event management, event consulting and creative concepts, and what sets this company apart is that it is built on a foundation of fun. Nicole and Jorie translated their high-energy personality from their dancing career into a business that connects similarly high-energy people with brands for elevatedmarketing experiences. 


Nicole worked in marketing after finishing her dance career, which is where she gained experience in the field, but she wasn’t keen on the stiff, rigid structure of the environment she worked in. Nicole felt that something was missing, but didn’t quite realize what that was until the idea for creating an event staffing company presented itself naturally. That moment came one day while Nicole and Jorie were out for coffee together and busily organizing dancers for separate events as a favour to friends. Each of them had built up a substantial network during their dance careers and had a knack for making connections. It was in this moment that they considered this as a potential career, and by the following day they decided to register their business. Cotton Candy Event Staffing is now entering its fourth year in business, and has enabled Nicole the creative freedom to leave her “9-5” job and to run her business according to her terms - and that includes my favourite motto: mandating that they only hire people with fun personalities! Cotton Candy’s energetic and enthusiastic ambassadors have represented major brands such as Canada Goose, Bell Media, Hudson’s Bay and Campbell’s Soup, to name just a few. 


When you speak with Nicole, you can’t help but get excited about the work she does. She has a bubbly personality and is warm and friendly. Even though she never planned on being a business owner, she excels at it, and has grown the business from placing people (ambassadors, dancers, bartenders, hospitality staff) for promotional purposes, to offering full-service event planning. A Toronto-based company, Cotton Candy Event Staffing offers event support and promotional staffing in cities across Canada. Nicole is truly an inspiring entrepreneur - she and Jorie are leaders in their field and were recognized for their hard work by City MOGULS, a charitable event that showcases the achievements of Toronto’s innovative entrepreneurs and influencers. A client once said to Nicole, “an event can last a day, but what you’re doing can last forever,” and she holds this feedback dear because her vision for the company is to find ways to make the experience of the event last longer than the moment they are in. Nicole has found what she is meant to be doing, it shows through her passion and dedication, and I look forward to watching her star continue to rise. 


For more information on Cotton Candy Event Staffing’s services, visit their website here

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I can't start my morning without...Green tea while reading my emails. 

I have a weakness for...Baked Goods! I have a serious sweet tooth... hence the name Cotton Candy. ;)

Most people don't know that I...Grew and up in South Florida.

Currently reading...When I find the time, I like to read In the Company of Women by: Grace Bonney-- Inspirational advice from Entrepreneurs.

I want...to build a business, alongside my strong and driven business partner Jorie, which enhances experiences and helps build a powerful generation of passionate young adults.

Thanks so much for participating in #WeWantToKnow, Nicole!