#WeWantToKnow: Caroline Néron


Caroline Néron is the Quebecoise jewelry designer of her eponymous accessories line, and her pieces can be found at her 20 boutiques across Canada, as well as worldwide, made available through hundreds of distributors. Caroline has been designing jewelry for over 13 years, and this follows her two full previous careers as an actor and a singer. This triple threat creative talent-turned-entrepreneur has led a fascinating life that I wanted to know more about, especially when I learned of her generosity and philanthropic values, and after getting acquainted with her it’s a pleasure for me to introduce you to Caroline. 


Caroline’s inspiration to create a line of jewelry came to her after a trip to Las Vegas, and though she didn’t really know anything about designing jewelry, she dove in head first and only three weeks later she was set up with her first kiosk to sell her pieces! Caroline was motivated by the need to become independent, and, though she experienced fame and success as an actor and singer since the age of 17, at age 30 she realized that these professions wouldn’t give her the independent freedom she so desired. Just prior to her Las Vegas trip, Caroline fatefully connected with a knowledgeable consignment store owner, and sought her expertise immediately upon her return to help set up her jewelry line and business. Though the decision to create a line of jewelry came to Caroline quite suddenly, she had always loved fashion; Caroline can see early traces of the designer in her back when she was a singer and enjoyed accessorizing the designer outfits she wore to galas and events, and was always offering her ideas to the designers styling her. 


Caroline describes her brand the way she describes herself: “Glamour with a Bohemian Spirit.” She is constantly observing the world around her and takes inspiration from literal cues such as what people are wearing, to the abstract, like travel, architecture and colour. It’s no wonder she says her brain can’t stop creating! As Caroline’s passion for jewelry design expanded, so too did her business, and she has grown her team to include four designers who work closely with her. Caroline is extremely passionate about philanthropy, and being a business owner allows her the opportunity to give back to the community, a value that she instills in her team by taking them to perform volunteer work during their business hours. In addition to her time, Caroline donates hundreds of thousands of dollars per year towards the fight to end breast cancer. It’s a cause very close to Caroline’s heart - she lost a friend and single-mother to the disease, and Caroline personally provided financial assistance to the child after her mother passed. Due to this loss, breast cancer was the first cause Caroline wanted to give back to through her business; she did so by creating the Wish Box Necklace - a locket-style necklace that opens up to contain a wish or other sentiment written on a piece of paper - and sold in collaboration with Clin d’oeil magazine at Jean Coutu stores across Quebec. This charitable partnership raises around $300,000 per year, with proceeds going towards the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. 

Caroline's Wish Box Necklace

Caroline's Wish Box Necklace

Caroline is passionate about helping others succeed and appears as a Dragon on Dans l’oeil du Dragon (the Quebecoise version of Dragon’s Den). One of the ventures she is currently supporting and is very passionate about is a small business that produces biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes. But it isn’t enough for Caroline to simply invest in a new business - she enjoys playing an active, hands-on role through mentoring and by using her network of contacts to open the doors of opportunity. 


I’m amazed by the way that Caroline reinvented herself professionally to create the thriving career that she enjoys today. I admire her energy and her passion for giving back, and I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know her as much as I have! Check out more of her jewelry designs on her website here

Want more? Here are some fun facts that #WeWantToKnow about Caroline: 

I can't start my morning without...exercising and coffee.

I have a weakness for...desserts and shoes.

Most people don't know that I...love plants and nature.

Currently reading...the news on my iPad.

I want...to live a happy/healthy life for family and myself & my company to be global.

Thank you, Caroline, for participating in #WeWantToKnow