#WeWantToKnow: Tiffany Pratt

Mix together a few handfuls of glitter with heaping splashes of colour and a generous pinch of good energy...garnish it with a rainbow and you've got yourself the recipe for Tiffany Pratt! Tiffany is the colourful creator behind an abundance of projects – she is a designer and stylist, HGTV host and designer, author, art teacher and so much more. She views life through rainbow-coloured glasses and always with the perspective that anything can be made beautiful. Tiffany is one of the most inspiring people I've ever met – her personality is as vibrant as her brightly coloured hair, she is a vessel of love, light and positive energy, and she gives the BEST hugs. It was such a joy for me to interview Tiffany Pratt so that I can share more about her and some of the moments that led her to where she is today.


Tiffany's creative career dreams started with fashion, her love of the sartorial arts beginning at a young age. Tiffany remembers watching Jeanne Beker on Fashion Television and poring over issues of Vogue magazine, and knew by the time she was in the fifth grade that she wanted to be a fashion designer. Her unwavering desire was so strong that by ninth grade she proactively approached her guidance counsellor to find out exactly what she needed to do to get into New York City's Fashion Institute of Technology. Her determination paid off, as she was ultimately accepted at FIT for the textile and surface design program, and after having only completed a few courses she was offered a job as a personal shopper at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Interior design by Tiffany Pratt; photo credit: Vanessa Galle

Interior design by Tiffany Pratt; photo credit: Vanessa Galle

Tiffany has never given herself the option not to explore something creative, and this is evident in her succession of artistic endeavours after her time at Saks. Take her penchant for interior design, for example – she didn't think that designing interiors was something she would ever have been drawn to, but when given the opportunity to renovate the house that she was living in, she found that she was naturally drawn to it, and even took over the design process. The house, built in the early 20th century, needed a lot of work and eventually the project ran out of money, so Tiffany rolled up her sleeves and got to work herself, finishing up the spackling and painting of walls, tiling the floors, and other tasks that she learned on her own (and in the process, discovered that she had a real talent for DIYs.) Then, when Tiffany opened up her design studio, Glitter Pie, visitors were so enamoured with the way she had decorated it that they were soon requesting her services to designer their spaces. Becoming a television personality was the next organic step in her professional path – a visit from the folks at Breakfast Television came to visit her studio, thus kickstarting her television career as she became the resident DIY guest expert on Steven and Chris, a position she held for years, and which was ultimately a springboard for hosting her own HGTV show. At the heart of all of this, Tiffany remained true to herself, what she loved and had learned, and when the right opportunities presented themselves, Tiffany wasn't one to say no to them.

photo credit: Tara McMullen

photo credit: Tara McMullen

But what about fashion, where it all began for Tiffany? Well, didn't it all come full circle when she launched her Canvas Collection – a line of clothing she designed from canvas material. The idea for the collection came after styling an event for Delta faucets called “HappiMess” where she would start with a blank white space that she could splash with colour, then clean up the “happy mess” she made using Delta faucet's products. Her attire for the event was a dress that she had a designer friend make from heavy canvas, which of course ended up covered in paint, and she had so many inquires about it that it gave her the idea for a clothing collection six months later. As a maker, Tiffany was always covered in some art material or other, whether glitter, glue, sequins, paint, or all of these at the same time, and so she never bought herself nice clothes. The Canvas Collection was born out of Tiffany's desire for the makers of the world (herself included) to wear chic workwear.

photo credit: Tara McMullen

photo credit: Tara McMullen

How does Tiffany maintain peace and calm while managing all of her creative projects? For Tiffany, solitude is her happy place. Give her a blank notebook, colourful Sharpies and some undisturbed time alone, and that's when she's at her creative best. Tiffany is tenacious and does things for herself, with no expectations that anyone is going to do any of it for her. Tiffany's personality and positive outlook on life can be summed up by the mantra she lives by – This Can Be Beautiful. This mantra is also the title of her book, a collection of DIYs to inspire creativity in others – Tiffany loves to inspire others and wants people to live their best, happiest lives.


photo credit (left): Gooseberry Studios

Want more? Let's hear from Tiffany herself! Here's what We Want To Know:

I can't start my morning without...a hot shower using all my potions and lotions. Also, a proper cup of tea doesn't hurt!

I have a weakness for...delicious woody smelling incense that I can burn in my home or essential oils that I can wear!

Most people don't know that I...am very into white. Although I have a deep love for color, I can often be found in a cream or white something, picking the perfect white paint, finding that killer off white sofa.

Currently reading... OH GOD! I have stacks of books on my bedside. My current reading selection involves, love poetry, health & weight loss and a series of books that keep me spiritually deep diving.

I want... to run off to Bali for a few months.

Thank you, Tiffany, for participating in #WeWantToKnow! I hope you continue to inspire others the way you have inspired me.