#WeWantToKnow: Liana Louzon of Rocking Vibe


Liana Louzon is the founder and creator of Rocking Vibe jewellery. I first met her at the TFI (Toronto Fashion Incubator) Press & Buyers Brunch last fall where she was showcasing her products to invited members of the media, and it was so lovely meeting her because she exuded the most wonderful, lovely, brilliant energy. She puts that good energy into her work and it is reflected in her contemporary, mindful brand of jewellery made with crystals and rocks. I’m so excited to introduce you to Liana so you can get to know more about her and her brand! 


Liana moved to Canada from Moscow when she was 14 years old and found herself faced with having to learn a new language and a new culture all at once, and it was then that she discovered crystals, the material that would later inform the direction of her business. Crystals gave her comfort and reduced her stress at the time, but it would be close to 15 years later before she returned to them, when Liana gave birth to her first child. Liana found herself overwhelmed by the newness of motherhood and it made her feel like she was that shy and uncertain 14 year old girl again, and this compelled her to rediscover crystals, turning to them once again to help calm her nerves as she navigated the challenges of parenthood. She was driven to overcome the difficulties she faced because her mother, an Olympic gymnastics coach who modelled a strong work ethic for Liana, always told her that there are no such things as challenges, there are only opportunities. Liana’s mother taught her that she can have anything she wants in life, and because of this lesson she has always pursued and achieved her dreams. Upon having children, Liana realized that “you wake up to your power, you wake up to your responsibility,” and she questioned how she could live a life of passion doing what she loves while leading by example and raising her kids in an empowered community — and the answer that came to her was making jewellery and founding Rocking Vibe. 


Liana believes that jewellery has the power to turn you into the best version of yourself, and that jewellery is so intimate that it is the perfect tool for bridging mindfulness and the material world. She emphasizes this in her brand by including an intention pyramid with all the main pieces in her jewellery line. A tradition that began with her grandmother, an intention pyramid is a pyramid-shaped box that Liana would put her written-down wishes into, and she would see these wishes realized. The hard work ethic that her mother instilled in her taught her that it’s not enough to dream, that you have to work hard to make your dreams become a reality, and then, once you reach the goal you’ve set for yourself, you can go after the next one. As crystals are a token of remembrance, Liana’s jewellery is a reminder for the person wearing it that they here for a reason, and a way for them to feel a physical connection to their purpose and their passion. Liana’s jewellery has such a positive and inspiring message, and with so many beautiful, delicate pieces in the line, there’s something that will appeal to everyone. Now that you know Liana a little better, I hope you will be inspired to check out her jewellery at RockingVibe.com


Want more? Here’s what #WeWantToKnow about Liana: 

I can't start my morning without…keeping my eyes closed and saying to myself "I have everything I need” then smiling and taking a deep breath. Then I open my eyes and most likely jump out of bed to go get which ever child woke up first before they wake up the other two lol.

I have a weakness for…NATURE! Nature sounds, nature smell, trees, wild water...

Most people don't know that I… Hate onions. Every single veggie in the world is my friend but I can not stand the taste of onions lol. 

Currently reading… The Conscious Parent by Dr. Shefali Tsabary.

An important lesson I learned from a challenge I faced…being open to what people are suggesting. I am stubborn and sometimes when people suggest something that is not part of my plan my initial reaction is “no” lol. I have worked on being open to seeing the other side of the coin and it has helped me expand. 

I want… to leave this world a better place and enjoy my time to the fullest here!

Thank you Liana, for participating in #WeWantToKnow! Keep spreading that positive energy of yours!