#WeWantToKnow: Hans Koechling


Hans Koechling is one of the most pleasant and personable people I’ve had the opportunity to speak with and it is my great pleasure to introduce him in today’s feature. Hans is a cornerstone in the global fashion industry, producing high fashion events and runway shows for the top designers and fashion houses in Canada and around the world. Hans, a Montreal native, is a creative visionary who is in demand, and, with 36 events on the go at present through his company The Image is…, I was delighted to connect with him for a chat about all things fashion and so I could get to know him a little better. 


A former model, Hans has been working behind the scenes as a Fashion Show Production Coordinator, Fashion Director and Image Creator, and Artistic Director for over 20 years. His transition from modelling to production came naturally to him — he had always loved the theatrics of fashion shows and creating those brief, magical moments that people will walk away talking about. As a model, Hans met so many people in his industry that he saw were doing fascinating things and he wanted to get more involved, and worked his way from assistant to stylist to working in production - he’s so passionate about what he does and has a lifetime of industry knowledge and experience that complements his immense creativity. What Hans loves most about producing fashion shows is the ability to tell a story, and to work with designers to help shape their concepts and collections and execute a dynamic show that gets the story across in a meaningful and exciting way in a very short amount of time (runway shows, for those who may not be aware, are each only about 10-15 minutes long, so this is no easy feat!). 


As we chatted and Hans shared stories and milestones from his illustrious career with me, I fell deeper in awe of not just his work, but of the warm and engaging person he is. He self-identifies as a ‘people person’ (just like me!) and the talented people he works with are what drives him. He is a person who supports openness and inclusivity in the fashion industry through the knowledge sharing and mentoring that he provides (Hans is a member of Canada Fashion Group’s advisory board, just one of many ways that gives back to the community with his industry expertise), and with his vast industry network, he is more than happy to connect people and put them in the right place to help them succeed. Hans desires to see more sharing and collaboration, wants people to realize that they can do so much more together than apart. His commitment to his work and to producing high-quality fashion shows and events is admirable, and he believes in the mantra that “you’re only as good as your last job,” a sentiment that drives him to always do a good job, and keep doing it better. Hans’ passion for his industry and for the designers and people he works with is so genuinely heartfelt, it’s no wonder he has a way of making magic happen — and it’s creating that magic that’s what he lives for. 


Hans has worked with celebrated designers such as Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Valentino, Tom Ford, Zac Posen, Tommy Hilfiger and many more, as well as top Canadian designers such as Christopher Bates, HENDRIXROE, Mikael D, UNTTLD, and again, many more —  he is truly a formidable force in fashion, and I hope you’ve enjoyed getting to know him. Learn more about Hans and his vast accomplishments at The Image is…

Want more? Here’s what #WeWantToKnow about Hans: 

I can't start my morning without...my morning coffee and great music.

I have a weakness for... chocolate and dirty martinis.

Most people don't know that I...lived in India for most of my early years.

Currently reading... New British, Italian and German Vogue.

I want... to travel and be inspired by people, places and life.

Thank you, Hans, for the lovely chat, and for participating in #WeWantToKnow! I look forward to meeting you in Toronto for TOM*FW and TWFW!