#WeWantToKnow: Alexandra Grant of To Vogue or Bust


Alexandra Grant is the creator and editor of To Vogue or Bust, a lifestyle blog that she started a little over six years ago as a style blog, born out of a passion for writing combined with a love of fashion. In the years since, a loyal following of readers have grown up around her and her blog has evolved to become a trusted resource for fashion inspiration and travel guides, as well as offering information on topics such as beauty, health and fitness. I've been a long-time reader of her blog and it's my pleasure to introduce you to her.

Alex has always loved fashion and writing, so it's a natural fit for her to have started a style blog, but turning it into a full-time career almost didn't happen! After completing a psychology degree at the University of Victoria she was in full preparation mode to go to law school, and had even taken the LSAT. But...something didn't feel right. Without knowing exactly what to do or where to go instead, she followed her gut instinct and didn't proceed with law studies. She spent time interning at PR and communications companies for a variety of industries before deciding to enroll in the journalism program at Langara College in Vancouver, the city she's called home since the age of six. Unfortunately, there are not many opportunities to work in fashion in Vancouver, and upon completion of her degree, she moved to Toronto to work as an intern for Fashion magazine. Now, finally, she was on the path to doing what she loves.


In addition to fashion, Alex loves traveling and that's a large part of her blog. She's traveled all around the world, writes resourceful city guides and offers tips like how to pack and what to pack depending on location; and of course, how to travel in style. She finds herself traveling at least once a month, she's seen a lot of Europe and has a long list of places she still wants to see: Japan, Australia and New Zealand are on her list, as is a month-long road trip around California, and she would eventually like to see Chile and Peru.

When she's not traveling, Alex enjoys spending time in her home city of Vancouver. She and her boyfriend like to be outdoors and ride bikes, take walks through Kitsilano and around Granville island – fitness is a priority for her. If you're in the area, check out one of her favourite brunch spots, Cafe Zen. Alex's studio is in the Gastown neighbourhood which is very well placed because it's hard to find a bad meal there – Alex makes lots of time for friends and likes to catch up with them over drinks.


So what's next for To Vogue or Bust? Alex has expressed a strong desire to create more video content so hopefully we'll get to see that in the New Year. And I wonder if we'll start seeing posts about music? Even if not, it was fun to learn about another side to Alex that we don't see on her blog – she has a background in music journalism, and, complementing her love of listening to music, she plays guitar and soaks up everything there is to know about rock n' roll history. Her favourite music of all might surprise you – garage punk. :)

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Want more? Here's what We Want To Know about Alexandra:

I can't start my morning without...an almond milk Americano Misto

I have a weakness for...history! Such an unexpected love I developed from travelling - you can often find me researching for the love of it, how lame!

Most people don't know that I...Lesley already touched on it but I'm a huge music nerd. I wish I lived in '70s New York or London so badly.

Currently reading...just finished Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.

I want...to go to Iceland...bad!

Thank you, Alexandra, for participating in #WeWantToKnow!