Holiday Trend: Decorated Busts

Hello there!  Did you miss me?  I hope so, because I’ve missed you.  I spent the last couple of months balancing a heavy course load at school, a full-time job, and launching a website (more on that later), and that didn’t leave me time for anything else.  Something had to give and blogging was sacrificed, but now that I’m between semesters at school and will have a break from the office over the holidays I’m hoping to find time to write again.  

I may have been too busy to produce my own blog content, but I managed to find time here and there to keep up with what other bloggers are up to.  I’ve especially enjoyed viewing bloggers’ Christmas home tours.  As I made my way through beautiful images of living rooms, dining rooms and entryways decked out with holiday decor, I couldn’t help but notice a trend – at least a few busts had been decorated, and I must say, I’m loving this look!  Here are some of my favourites: 

I'm so inspired by this trend and would like to give it a go myself - going to try it out on my Nefertiti bust this weekend!

What are your thoughts on the decorated bust trend?

I wrote the above post during the Christmas season of 2013 and I was happy to see the decorated bust trend continue in Christmas 2014 decor.  I just love this vignette created by Sherry Hart from Design Indulgence: