Life, Lately

Hello there! If you follow my blog on a reader, I'll bet you're surprised to see a post from me pop up - I've been pretty silent these last couple of months. As usual, my full-time job combined with part-time school and all my various projects in between have kept me busy and I haven't had much down time. When I do find the time to write, I've been spending it over on the Decorcrowd blog. So I thought I'd give a little update on this blog today and share some random photos I've taken, something of a little glimpse into my life lately.  

My living room on a sunny Saturday morning, a rare moment of free time when I could catch up on reading decor magazines while drinking my morning coffee. 

bluebellgray flower pillow, aqua box: Indigo; Alice+Olivia ceramic mug: Starbucks; pink over-dyed rug: Rugs USA; solid purple pillow: Pier 1; glass and chrome coffee table: Structube

The 'love' print was a free download c/o Love From the Oven. My photo is a little blurry and doesn't do the print justice, but the gold glitter heart has an amazing sparkly, textural look, despite its being a 2D print. 

I'm a very casual 'champagne' drinker - that is to say, I don't need a special occasion to crack open a bottle of bubbly. My favourite of the sparkling wine varieties is prosecco, specifically that produced by Bottega. My absolute forever-favourite flowers are gerbera daisies, but I've recently fallen in love with carnations. I love how full they are, and I find they last longer than most other flowers. 


 I had an afternoon off work a couple of weeks ago, and though it was freezing cold outside, it was beautiful and sunny for a change, so the boyfriend and I decided to wander about Yorkville and do some window shopping. I fell in love with this window display at Dolce & Gabbana - just look at those ancient Roman coins! I studied classical history and literature at university, so this display really caught my eye. It made me love the already-stunning dress even more. 

I can't talk about my life lately without sharing a picture of at least one of my two kitties. I was doing homework one night at the table and had my back to this little guy. I turn around and there's Bryson, fast asleep on his back, using my homework assignment sheet as a blanket. 

If this guy looks familiar, that's because he should - it's none other than space commander Chris Hadfield!!! I had the opportunity last November to meet him when he stopped by my office as a stop on his book tour. 

Another visitor to my office a few months ago was chef Michael Smith. Doesn't he make me look short? (P.S. I'm 5'8") Again, another author on a book tour which is how I got to meet him.

This is a picture of my beautiful grandmother working at her drafting table. She worked for a mining company in northern Ontario, not a typical job for a woman in those days. My mum dug up this photo to share with me one day when I was working on a few of my own drafting projects. 

At the beginning of this post, I mentioned that I'd been writing on the Decorcrowd blog. That blog is a companion to, a site that features all the best design and decor blogs from around the world that I've brought together into a one-stop resource. If you want a peek at one of the things I've been working on that's keeping me so busy lately, please check it out - if you enjoy reading my blog, I'm sure you'll discover some more blogs that you'll like over there.  

I may not blog very often or even consistently, but if you want more of me in between posts, follow me on Instagram @lesleymetcalfe.