Pressback Chairs

Newest addition* to my kitchen: six of these antique pressback chairs.  They were the dining chairs at my family's cottage until about four years ago when we sold it.  Ever since, the chairs have been at my aunt and uncle's house in storage.  It's nice to see them in my kitchen now, they are a nice reminder of my cottage.  

*I say "newest addition" as if I add things to my kitchen all the time, when in fact, other than converting my electric stove to a gas range, I haven't done anything to my kitchen since buying the house 3 years ago.  It is a bland, outdated kitchen that lacks storage and counter space and it needs a complete overhaul, but a major renovation is not in the budget right now.  One of my projects this summer will be to give the walls and cabinets a fresh coat of paint, but I don't want to put too much into the space, only to tear it out a year later.  Maybe this can be a little decorating challenge - how drastically can I improve the space on a very little budget and in the shortest amount of time possible?  Stay tuned!