To Paris, with Love

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When I first set eyes on the Paris Collection by photographer Anna Argiropoulos (a.k.a. annawithlove) I was immediately overcome with emotion. That's a little embarrasing to say, but it's true. Paris was the first destination I vacationed to and I immediately fell in love with the city, and have remained in love with it ever since. Anna's photographs of Paris really struck a chord with me because many of them are very similar to the ones I took during my trip - her eye for capturing the moment was very similar to my camera-lens view of the city. I realize that many buildings and landmarks are commonly photographed around the city so it's really not so shocking that any two people should have similar photos, but there's just something about Anna's images that are so striking to me. I don't know, maybe it's because I feel like we were standing in the same spot, looking out at the same scene, and having the most amazing, visceral reaction to the magic of Paris. Whatever the reason, looking through her gallery brought back wonderful memories of my time there, more so than any other images of Paris have done for me in the six years since I was there.

Just for fun, here are a few of the photos from Anna's Paris Collection that remind me of my own. 

Anna's view of rooftops with the Eiffel Tower in the distance:

My view of rooftops with the Eiffel Tower in the distance:

I took this picture of the Eiffel Tower while going up the escalator of the Pompidou museum. Though it was a grey, rainy day and we were very far away, this was my first glimpse of the tower so it's how I remember it. :)
 Anna's street scene:

My street scene:

I loved this view from the balcony of our hotel. I loved the way the doors opened to the balcony and framed this scene like a work of art. There's something so romantic about these narrow streets with endless rows of Juliet balconies.

Anna's Louvre Pyramid:

My Louvre Pyramid:

I was in awe of the Louvre. I think I spent more time gazing at the architecture than I did at the paintings!

Anna's storefront:

My storefront:

Two quintessentially French boutiques. I didn't visit Chanel but made sure to go inside the Louboutin store for a look around. In case you're, I didn't buy anything.  :)
My amateur/tourist photos bring back good memories and are very special to me, but I've never had any of them printed or framed. I do like to look back on them from time to time, but by no means do I want them hanging on my walls. This is why I'm so happy about Anna's Paris Collection - they are high-quality, professional photographs that I would be proud to showcase in my home, because, even though I didn't take them, they still feel somewhat personal because they remind me of my experience of Paris. My only problem now is, which ones to choose?! They are all so amazing. I like the pairing of the three prints in the photo at the beginning of this post (the bicyclette, the doors, the Chanel boutique). I think I'll start by ordering those.
Please head over to the annawithlove site to see the rest of the Paris Collection. Prints are offered in several sizes and are very reasonably priced. After you've looked through the gallery, come back and leave me a comment to tell me which photo is your favourite!