Pattern Envy

I am in love with so many different patterns right now!  I have a vision of my living room being full of a variety of patterns once I'm finished with the makeover I'm doing in there.  I want to overwhelm the eye with so many conflicting patterns that their collective diversity creates a sense of unity.  Is this even possible?  I'm not sure, but I plan on finding out.  So far, I've got my eye on Moroccan-inspired patterns, geometric, houndstooth, ikat, stripes, florals... I know, you think I'm crazy!  Well, maybe I am.  But this needs to be attempted, I can't stop thinking about it.  It looks good in my head, I just hope it looks good in reality when I finally put it all together.  Here's what's inspiring me: 

1. Two of my recent purchases - this Moroccan box and floral pillow: 


2. The houndstooth fabric I used to re-cover my lamp shade: 

3. I love this rug!  Especially in blue.  A grey rug would be nice too, but I've already got a grey sofa, so why not choose a colour that pops next to it?  I might as well take advantage of having a glass coffee table that will allow more of the rug to show!  


Home Decorators

4. ANYTHING Greek key-patterned.  If I'm not careful, I could over-do this one!  

Sloan Mauran (Style At Home)


WillaSkyeHome (Etsy)

5. Ikat, ikat, ikat... 

Madeline Weinrib

6. I love black-and-white combos, especially stripes.  I would love to get a Queen Ann style bench like this one, or even two x-benches to tuck under a console table near the entryway: 


7. I bought a couple of inexpensive feather pillow inserts from IKEA and I would love to make pillow covers out of something like this lattice fabric: 


I think that's enough for now, you get the idea.  :)