30 Days to Domestic Bliss - A Home Organizing Challenge

This past week I've been really focussed on organizing and tidying around my house. It's been a slow start without a whole lot of visible improvement yet, but I'm starting off small, by being more conscious of putting things away immediately after use instead of telling myself I'll get to it later because that's how things pile up. In my defence, I work all day at the office and come home to work more in the evening, and when I do give myself a night off I would much rather spend that time having dinner or drinks with friends, attending an event, or just simply relaxing over tidying. I have a cleaning lady who comes every other week and she's amazing at what she does; in addition to cleaning my house she neatly corrals my things together, but ultimately those things are still there, still visible, without a permanent, designated spot. Having a cluttered home causes me anxiety and lately it's been getting out of control, hence the recent focus on organizing. So as luck would have it, I read on The Decorista yesterday that blogger Ashlina is hosting a 30 day challenge called "30 Days to Domestic Bliss" to help us get our homes organized. This motivation is exactly what I need. Visit her blog for her printable list of the small things you can do each day for 30 days so that you will be living in a serene, clutter-free home by the end of this challenge. 

Continuing on this organizational kick I have going, I picked up a copy of the New York Times bestselling book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Japanese cleaning consultant Marie Kondo. I just bought the book last night and haven't yet dived in, but I've heard amazing things about it and I hope it helps me to maintain a positive philosophy about organization during and after the 30 Days to Domestic Bliss challenge. 

Anyone else feeling buried by their house clutter? I can't wait to finally get things organized around here. Admittedly, it will likely take me more than 30 days to complete all 30 tasks in Ashlina's challenge, but it's not a competition, the challenge is meant to motivate and inspire to get things done. She is helping to encourage participants by sharing their progress on Instagram (because tidying leads to styling and styling leads to pretty pictures!). Follow me @lesleymetcalfe to play along!  My main goal in this challenge is to get my home office looking as organized as it looks in the photo at the beginning of this post!