Red & Turquoise

How is it almost the end of September already?!  The summer went by too fast and September is certainly keeping pace.  Since coming home from my end of summer week-long vacation at the cottage, I've been consumed with work, a business trip to NY (more on that in an upcoming post), attending TIFF events, returning to school, and working on bringing a project to life (more on that later, too).  I've certainly been neglecting this blog with all of that going on. Since my available time is going to be so limited this fall, leaving me very little (if any) time for projects around the house, the best I can do is dream and share my ideas...  

I'm inspired by the retro look of a turquoise wall, a black-and-white checkered floor, and red accents. This colour combo looks great in a kitchen, but I'm not willing to transform mine in this way (I have other plans for my kitchen) so I've decided to give my mudroom this treatment.  Here are a few inspiration photos I found on Pinterest: 

image via

Olatz Schnabel's kitchen

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Have you ever tried to select a turquoise paint?  It's hard!  There are so many pretty shades and I went back-and-forth on which side of the blue-green spectrum I wanted to land on.  In the end, I settled on Benjamin Moore's Aruba Blue:  

Here are a few of the colours I was choosing from.  Of the twelve colours, Aruba Blue is the second one down from top left.  I loosely positioned a few floor tiles in a linear pattern so that they were right up against the wall, making it easier to look at the paint and flooring together, but when I actually lay the flooring down I'm going to go with a diamond pattern.  

I've been dying to re-do this room since I moved in 3+ years ago - I'm really looking forward to seeing the current light pink walls and flooring gone.  Now...I just need to find the time to do it!