One Room Challenge - Living Room - Week 1

[The following post is for the Fall 2014 One Room Challenge series. Click here for the Spring 2014 series.]

It's One Room Challenge time again!!! I'm so excited to participate once again in the linking party; I had a ton of fun participating during the spring round earlier this year and I'm looking forward to another challenge. Although, I won't have as much time to commit to a big project this time around, so I'm going to cheat a little and choose a room that I started re-decorating last summer and never finished (I got sidetracked by other projects, including my ORC home office makeover!). I suppose it's not really cheating though - after all, Linda says the reason she invented the ORC was to help her stay on track and finish a room. This challenge is the perfect motivation to get it done, knowing that I have fellow ORC participants and blog readers to encourage and support me along the way. Before we get started, here's the week-by-week list of links so that you can follow along. And no matter where you are on my blog, know that you can always click the ORC icon in my right sidebar to return to this page. 

Week 1: Introduction and Decorating Plans (that's this post, keep reading below!)
Week 2: Lighting
Week 3: Marble Bar
Week 4: Art & Window Treatments
Week 5: Finishing Touches
Week 6: The Reveal

Since I already started transforming this room, the reveal on Week 6 isn't going to be that dramatic, but I haven't really posted much about my living room on this blog so at least the content during the challenge will feel fresh. Here's a tour around how the room looks right now:

The front door needs painting!

That empty wall needs some art!

The bar cabinet (left) was a DIY last summer; the demi-lune needs replacing
but perhaps I'll give it a paint job for now until I find the right piece for that space. 

This empty frame needs a mirror!

I must admit, I still love this old-fashioned detailing on the plaster ceiling.
But the light needs to go. 

Ugh. No. This is just NO. 

Here's a breakdown of my plans to complete this space:

1. Add art to the large blank wall next to the sofa

2. Add new light fixtures

3. Have mirror custom cut and installed in that empty gold frame

4. Custom drapes with trim for the window? Depends on cost.

5. Paint demi-lune table black and accessorize

6. Add new throw cushions to sofa

7. Do something - ANYTHING - about that staircase!

So...not too ambitious, right? I guess we'll find out together. Check back each Thursday for the next 5 weeks to see my progress and for the big reveal! 

Thank you so much to Linda from Calling It Home for not only creating the One Room Challenge (check out her blog every Wednesday for links to the 20 sponsored challengers) but for opening the challenge up to anyone who wants to participate through the linking party! Please show your support for the other bloggers and designers I'm participating with by clicking here

New Lamp!

A few weeks ago I posted about a lamp I found at Urban Barn and ordered it for my living room...well, it's finally here!  I love it, it works perfectly in the space.  It's a smaller, busier version of the Arco floor lamp, complete with marble base.  It's perfect for the awkward corner-niche in my living room. Here it is!  

I couldn't resist giving my lamp the Instagram treatment - that first image has the perfect filter.  But okay, here's how it really looks (still good!).  :) 

The marble base of the lamp is repeated on my bar cabinet at the other end of the room.

My lighting inspiration came from this lamp, but it arches too wide for my narrow room.

The lamp is great for reading under and it reaches across enough of the couch so that I don't need a lamp on the other side, freeing up space in my already too-narrow living room.  

So...what do you think?! 

The Bergère Chair

I've been looking at chairs online to try and get inspiration for the style I want to get for my living room.  After saving a ton of photos then looking back through them all, I noticed a definite trend - I'm drawn to the bergère chair.  I have a small, narrow living room, so I don't want big squashy armchairs, but the bergère chair offers both comfort and doesn't look or feel bulky.  Here are a few of the photos that inspired me.  (Not sure why most of them are pink, it's my least favourite colour.  If I were to get chairs like these, I would re-upholster them in dark blue velvet.)  

via (1) Vincent bergère chair from French Heritage; (2) Homesense

Judith Balis Interiors

You can't see the chairs as well in this Judith Balis room but I'm showing this image anyway because I love this room, especially that black and white striped couch.  

Lizzie Carney via Alkemie

Lamps Plus

I doubt that I'll be investing in bergère chairs any time soon (unless I can find them for a good deal), so the other chair that's caught my eye is this 1940s chair from Angus & Company.  Two of these would also look good covered in blue velvet, maybe add some upholstery nails.  

Angus & Company

Pattern Envy

I am in love with so many different patterns right now!  I have a vision of my living room being full of a variety of patterns once I'm finished with the makeover I'm doing in there.  I want to overwhelm the eye with so many conflicting patterns that their collective diversity creates a sense of unity.  Is this even possible?  I'm not sure, but I plan on finding out.  So far, I've got my eye on Moroccan-inspired patterns, geometric, houndstooth, ikat, stripes, florals... I know, you think I'm crazy!  Well, maybe I am.  But this needs to be attempted, I can't stop thinking about it.  It looks good in my head, I just hope it looks good in reality when I finally put it all together.  Here's what's inspiring me: 

1. Two of my recent purchases - this Moroccan box and floral pillow: 


2. The houndstooth fabric I used to re-cover my lamp shade: 

3. I love this rug!  Especially in blue.  A grey rug would be nice too, but I've already got a grey sofa, so why not choose a colour that pops next to it?  I might as well take advantage of having a glass coffee table that will allow more of the rug to show!  


Home Decorators

4. ANYTHING Greek key-patterned.  If I'm not careful, I could over-do this one!  

Sloan Mauran (Style At Home)


WillaSkyeHome (Etsy)

5. Ikat, ikat, ikat... 

Madeline Weinrib

6. I love black-and-white combos, especially stripes.  I would love to get a Queen Ann style bench like this one, or even two x-benches to tuck under a console table near the entryway: 


7. I bought a couple of inexpensive feather pillow inserts from IKEA and I would love to make pillow covers out of something like this lattice fabric: 


I think that's enough for now, you get the idea.  :) 

Living Room Makeover - Progress Update

I am by no means close to being finished with my living room makeover (read my initial post about it here, but the painting is done and the major pieces of furniture have been swapped out, so mostly what's left to do is decorate and style the room.  It's nice having a blank canvas to start from.  The walls are bare right now so my next goal for the room will be to put up some pictures and art on one wall, and a large mirror on another.  I picked up a new throw pillow, a vase and a little storage box for the room, and I'm deciding between a couple of area rugs.  I have yet to paint my new marble-topped bar cabinet with black lacquer, but I need to wait until the weather warms up so I can do that outside.  Anyway, here is a little before-and-after preview of how the room is starting to transform: 

The so-far "after" pic

Living room "before" pic 

Some home decor purchases I recently made from Indigo/Chapters: bluebellgray Anemone pillow, Moroccan Spade Box, and Teal Flower Pot (filled with fake flowers, unfortunately, because if they were real my kitties would eat them!)