HomeSense Finds

If you haven't been to HomeSense in a while (HomeGoods for my American friends) then you need to get there ASAP. There is lots of goodness happening right now. My favourite finds were the Ralph Lauren Glen Plaid crystal tumblers and low ball glasses so I made sure to snatch up 8 of each. 

Speaking of crystal, HomeSense's lighting game is so on point right now, especially their selection of crystal table lamps. 

This blue and white ginger jar lamp is a dream! I wish I had a place for it! Sadly I don't, so can someone please buy it so I can live vicariously through you? I may just go back and buy it and store it for a future home, that's how much I love it. Except that it's probably already gone, amazing HomeSense finds like this don't stick around for very long. 

I really wanted to buy this floor lamp with brass-like finish - it's the exact shape and colour I'm looking for but unfortunately it wasn't very sturdy and swayed a lot. Still pretty, though! 

I love this masculine, leather tufted wing chair with nailhead trim detail and matching footstool. It makes me want to design a mahogany-panelled study or office for someone. 

I love that my office is just around the corner from a HomeSense, it's sometimes nice to take an afternoon coffee break, head on over and wander around and see what's new.  

Gorgeous Gourd Lamps

via Jana Bek
You know when you get a new car and suddenly you start seeing that make and model everywhere, even though you never really noticed it before? I'm kind of having a similar feeling with gourd lamps right now. That is to say, gourd lamps have always been there right in front of me, I just didn't really pay them any mind until I decided I might like to get a pair for myself. It started with these lamps I saw at Target: 

The deep navy caught my eye and the shape made me linger a while. I couldn't come up with a spot in my home for them, so I imagined them in yellow instead and visually placed them in a master bedroom project I'm working on. Since then, it seems the only lamps I see in interiors are gourd lamps! It must be a sign: I need this this style of lamp in my life. I love (gourd) lamp. Sorry, I just couldn't resist!  :)

Here are a few interiors incorporating gourd lamps that have caught my eye lately:

via Lonny

Design byAlexandra Kaehler, photography by Heather Talbert via SMP Living
Alaina Kaczmarski via The Everygirl
via Glitter Guide