House Before Spouse

Long-time readers of my blog will remember it when it was called "House Before Spouse: A Modern Girl's Adventures in First-Home Buying" (and newer readers may be wondering what's up with part of that name being in my url!). I started this blog in March 2010 to document my house-hunting progress, and since then it's evolved into so much more. But I wanted to maintain my blog's roots so I created a tab in the header that will take you to a list of links that will take readers through my house-hunting journey four years ago. 

It's because of my blog, but more especially because of the fact that I bought a house on my own that I was interviewed for an article about how an increasing number of single women in their 20s are buying homes on their own and how prospective homeowners can get on the property ladder. Check out the article here to read the tips I offer for prospective homeowners.   

The Most Money I Will Ever Spend on One Thing

Only one week left until my houses closes, and there’s still so much to be done! I accomplished a lot today, though. I set up my accounts for heat and hydro. I tried to phone the water company a couple of times, but I kept getting a busy signal. What is this, 1984, and there’s only one person manning the one phone in the office, and they don’t have call waiting??...

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Let’s Make a Deal

I am the ultimate deal hunter. Show me a $400 jacket and I’ll show you where you can get it for $40. I can tell you which grocery store has peanut butter on sale this week, Metro or Loblaws, and know that it’s cheaper (and fresher) to buy vegetables at the local independent market than at the big chains. I paid $600 for my $1,000 couch (it was on sale at The Brick). I paid $30 for four Riedel wine glasses that would normally retail for $60 (Winners). So does it come as any surprise that I managed to save $500 off my home insurance?! Of course not...

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New House Details

I know that everyone has been eager to read about the details of my new house, but with so many people congratulating me and asking me questions, I got a little sick of hearing myself talk about it. While I really, really appreciated everyone’s enthusiasm and encouraging words, I just needed a little break from it for a while. But I think that was long enough! I’m ready to share all the details…

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