Gorgeous Gourd Lamps

via Jana Bek
You know when you get a new car and suddenly you start seeing that make and model everywhere, even though you never really noticed it before? I'm kind of having a similar feeling with gourd lamps right now. That is to say, gourd lamps have always been there right in front of me, I just didn't really pay them any mind until I decided I might like to get a pair for myself. It started with these lamps I saw at Target: 

The deep navy caught my eye and the shape made me linger a while. I couldn't come up with a spot in my home for them, so I imagined them in yellow instead and visually placed them in a master bedroom project I'm working on. Since then, it seems the only lamps I see in interiors are gourd lamps! It must be a sign: I need this this style of lamp in my life. I love (gourd) lamp. Sorry, I just couldn't resist!  :)

Here are a few interiors incorporating gourd lamps that have caught my eye lately:

via Lonny

Design byAlexandra Kaehler, photography by Heather Talbert via SMP Living
Alaina Kaczmarski via The Everygirl
via Glitter Guide