The elements of a good entryway are simple: that it is functional and tidy.  My vision for this wall (which runs between my front door and the staircase leading to the second floor) is to create a vignette that gives it the feel and function of an entryway.  I don't have a formal entryway, just a cramped vestibule, so you're basically walking right into my living room upon entering my house.  I drop my keys, purse and mail on this table and it ends up getting really cluttered.  I want it to look good while also serving a purpose.  I'll be ordering a custom-cut piece of mirror to put in this large gold frame, and I'm hunting for a reasonably priced white lacquer parsons table to replace this demi-lune brown one.  The table has to have drawers to hide keys and mail and change.  I was initially thinking of putting an upholstered bench or x-benches under the table, but now I'm thinking that a couple of storage baskets would lend more function.  I'll style the table with books, little storage boxes, etc.  A lamp would look nice, but I don't have any outlets on this wall.  Maybe I'll just get a large vase instead.  Stay tuned for the 'after' picture.  I guess the above can be considered the work-in-progress picture, and here's the space before I re-painted the walls: