Income Property

Last night I attended a presentation by HGTV’s Scott McGillivray on maximizing home equity by owning income property, hosted by CIBC.  It was great!  Even though I have had an apartment in my basement ever since I bought my house two years ago, I still received valuable information from the presentation.  But not just for my rental space – for me, too!  Scott talked about flooring being one of the top 5 biggest concerns for renters and then discussed the various types (laminate, engineered hardwood, ceramic tile, etc.), which got me thinking about my floors.  Actually, in truth, I’ve been thinking about my floors a lot over the last two years.  With the exception of tile in the kitchen and the original, 98-year-old hardwood in the living room, my floors are covered in layers of ugly, chipped linoleum.  And since I’ve been on a roll with home improvement projects lately, I thought to myself, why not pull up one of the linoleum tiles from under my couch when I get home from the presentation?  So I did!  I already knew there was a layer of linoleum under the linoleum from having seen under a chipped piece of the surface, but I want to know what’s under it all.  Unfortunately, I only had the energy to peel off one tile – it was really sticky!  I don’t even have the proper tools so I had to improvise and I used a cheese knife.  (Looks like I need to go out shopping for a new cheese knife set.)  I’ll need to lift off a few more tiles of the top layer before I can begin to pull up the second layer, but I’m going to leave you in suspense for now.  I really want to know what’s under there, but I should get better tools first, make my life easier.  

Removed one of the fake parquet-looking tiles from the floor.

Close-up of the next layer of linoleum underneath.  I couldn't get a clear shot after this, so I had to post the one with Bryson in it.  My kitties are always getting in the way of the photos! 

My scraping tool - a cheese knife.  

What's Under the Linoleum?

Just because I found a house, had my offer accepted and my mortgage amount was approved, doesn’t mean I’m any less stressed out. I’ve now got new things to worry about, and they all fall under the banner of decorating and renovating. Fortunately, my worries aren’t due to finding out the roof needs replacing, or that the basement is flooding. But I do have a list of things I want to do to the place...

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