Entryway Inspirations

I'm thinking about my entryway again (I first posted about it here) and I'm really bummed that the white lacquer parsons console table from West Elm that I've had my eye on doesn't ship to Canada.  I've looked everywhere for something similar, in countless brick & mortar stores and what feels like every single online furniture retailer.  I found several runners up, but nothing as perfect for the space or for what I have in mind.  So until I find something great, instead of spending money on something temporary, I thought I'd just paint my existing dark wood-stained demi-lune table.  Here are some images from Pinterest that are inspiring me: 

This picture captures exactly what I have in mind for my space - white lacquer parsons console table, bench underneath, large mirror (except that my mirror will be hung above the table).

This picture is getting a little closer to my vision...my mirror is gold-framed.

I was thinking of painting my table white, but black looks so chic!  And a black console table would anchor my black marble-topped bar on the opposite wall...

Sigh...This is the West Elm table that I'm coveting but it won't ship to Canada!!!

This looks very similar to my demi-lune table (only difference is mine has a middle shelf).  This picture gives me an idea of how the table would look black...

...and then I see something like this and I think I might like to try giving my table a coat of chalk paint and distressing it, make it look French provincial.  It would look so darling since the demi-lune shape is already very traditional, but  because of that it just wouldn't be the right style for the room it's in.

All images via Pinterest except last image via


The elements of a good entryway are simple: that it is functional and tidy.  My vision for this wall (which runs between my front door and the staircase leading to the second floor) is to create a vignette that gives it the feel and function of an entryway.  I don't have a formal entryway, just a cramped vestibule, so you're basically walking right into my living room upon entering my house.  I drop my keys, purse and mail on this table and it ends up getting really cluttered.  I want it to look good while also serving a purpose.  I'll be ordering a custom-cut piece of mirror to put in this large gold frame, and I'm hunting for a reasonably priced white lacquer parsons table to replace this demi-lune brown one.  The table has to have drawers to hide keys and mail and change.  I was initially thinking of putting an upholstered bench or x-benches under the table, but now I'm thinking that a couple of storage baskets would lend more function.  I'll style the table with books, little storage boxes, etc.  A lamp would look nice, but I don't have any outlets on this wall.  Maybe I'll just get a large vase instead.  Stay tuned for the 'after' picture.  I guess the above can be considered the work-in-progress picture, and here's the space before I re-painted the walls: