School's Out! (...For the Winter)

Tonight marks the completion of my first semester at interior design school.  I can't believe how fast the time went by, it seems like only a week ago I was blogging about my first classes in Colour Theory and Drafting.  I learned so much in only three short months.  Colour Theory taught me how to recognize colour schemes and to understand colour concepts, and I have a new appreciation for colour now.  I did much better in the course than I expected to - I got an A+!  I only just handed in my final assignment in Drafting tonight so I won't have my grade for that class for at least another week, but I expect I'll receive a good grade in that class too if my marks from the weekly assignments are any indication.  Drafting taught me a lot - I am now able to draw floor plans, elevations, isometric drawings (that's a fancy word for drawing in 3D), and I've come away with the ability to measure and draft in various different scales.  And to think that three months ago I'd never even heard the words 'T-square' or 'architect ruler' before!  I'm now on a break for a month and then I start two new courses - Interior Design Fundamentals and Perspective Drawing.  I'm looking forward to starting them, but also excited to have a few weeks without homework.  

Here are some (poorly snapped) photos I took of my final assignment for Drafting before handing it in:  

Cottage Floor Plan

Elevations showing three views of the Great Room of the cottage 

Reflected Ceiling Plan 

Isometric drawing of the fireplace in the Great Room