Blogger Conference Essentials - What's In My Bag

Hello there! I haven't written on my blog in a few months, so let me give you the briefest update before diving into today's post: I've had a very full schedule this summer filled with work, travel (for work) and activities that made the most of the warm weather. It was a busy summer, but the good kind of busy (for the most part). Though I'm not part of the back-to-school crowd, September brings a sense of new beginnings and I can feel the essence of change all around me, making this a good time for me to start writing and sharing again. Since I'll be heading out west to Vancouver this weekend to attend BlogPodium, Canada's design and lifestyle blogger conference, I thought it would be a good idea to share my thoughts on what to bring. So, what does one need to bring to a blogger conference? Here's what I'll have in my bag: 

Business cards. Bring a lot - somewhere in the ballpark of 80-100. You will be handing them out to all the wonderful new people you meet and you'll want them to be able to keep in touch with you after the conference. I like to keep mine in a small pouch so they're easy to find in my purse or tote bag. I also prefer to use a small pouch over a traditional business card case because it allows room to store both my own cards and the ones I receive from other bloggers. Business cards are also useful for entering contests and giveaways!  
Kate Spade
Notebook & pen. Even though you will likely be provided with these items at the conference, it never hurts to come prepared. 

Cell phone. This is an obvious one because who isn't attached to their phone with an umbilical cord, amirite? But I'm mentioning it nonetheless so I can discuss how important it is to use as a tool throughout the day. When you meet someone new, pull out your phone and exchange follows on social media right away (this is so much easier than finding everyone after, and you'll make a more lasting memory of the person you just met). Speaking of social media, use your phone to stay engaged by Tweeting and Instagramming highlights of the conference throughout the day. Take photos with your phone so you can document your experience of the conference in a blog post afterwards. 
Phone charger. As evidenced above, you'll be using your phone all day and yes, the battery is going to die unless you come prepared. Some conferences will have a charging station set up but you don't want to rely on this. I never go anywhere without my Mophie charger for my iPhone. If you don't have a Mophie or similar wireless charging device, just bring your cable charger, there's always an outlet somewhere. 

Mints or gum. You're going to be talking with a lot of people and doing a lot of eating. Let's stay fresh! 

Scarf. This serves a dual function - style and function. A scarf is not only fashionable, it's also a good thing to have in a chilly conference room. 

Reusable bag. You will be collecting handouts and materials from brands and retailers throughout the day - by the end of the day you may need an extra bag to carry them in. I recommend a bag that folds into itself when not in use as it tucks nicely into your purse until you need it. 

Lip gloss or balm. I suppose this isn't really an essential, but if you're anything like me and you get dry lips from the forced air circulating in the room, not to mention from all the talking you'll be doing, trust me you won't want to be without this.  

So tell me: what will you be bringing to the conference? Do you have any essential items that I haven't listed here? I would love to know!