Beauty Products for Sensitive Skin: Cosmetics

I have extremely sensitive skin so I have to be very careful about the products I use on my face. For example, I've tried several eye products over the years that cause severe swelling the following day to the point where it looks like someone inserted golf balls underneath my eyelids. Gross, right? I also have eczema, and though until recently it has only affected me from the neck down, in the last six months I've starting developing patches of it on my face. Some products cause me instant breakouts of dryness and itching so I have to stop using them immediately. All of this to say, I've experimented with a lot of cosmetics and finally found the ones that work for me. I won't talk about the brands and products that didn't work - just because my skin reacted to them doesn't mean that other people will; instead I'm going to focus on the products that I've found effective for my sensitive skin. And all but one of these products don't even make claims to be for sensitive skin! 

Foundation - MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Foundation. I first read about this product on Kayla's blog Short Presents and I've had it bookmarked to try out ever since. I finally bought it about a month ago and it's the BEST foundation I've ever worn. It doesn't dry out my skin and I can't even feel it on my face throughout like day like I have with ALL other foundations I've worn in the past. I love this product! Can't say enough good things about it. 

Powder - Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Foundation Face Powder. I love powder to help reduce shine and this one is so light that it doesn't feel like I'm adding another layer of product to my face. 

Face primer - Dermalogica Hydrablur Primer. I received a sample of this and now I'm hooked! It helps my foundation go on smoother, I really notice the difference compared to when I don't use it. This product claims to "instantly hydrate and refine skin for a flawless finish" and I can attest to this - it works. Unfortunately though, I finished my sample and when I went to purchase it over the weekend I learned it costs $62.00 for a tube. I'm going to have to wait until there's a promo offer or until I can budget for it and keep experimenting with other primers in the meantime. 

Eye shadow - CoverGirl Trunaked - 'Nudes' colour palette. This is the FIRST eyeshadow I've EVER used that doesn't cause the aforementioned "golf ball under the eye the next morning" phenomenon. Thank you, CoverGirl!! 

Makeup Brush Set - Sephora. This isn't really about sensitive skin, but it's about time I had a decent brush set with several tools for different applications. The brush I used to use most was for applying powder and it always left little fibres on my face that I had to pick off. These Sephora brushes do not shed fibres. 

Lipstick - NARS Satin Lip Pencils. Previous lipsticks I've worn have been so drying that only after 5 minutes of applying I feel and look like I sucked on a lemon. These lip pencils are not only easier to apply (no lip liner necessary!), I feel like they actually moisturize my lips. 

I still have yet to find the perfect mascara and eyeliner so if you have any recommendations, please share in the comments below! If you have sensitive skin and are having trouble finding makeup that works for you, I hope you'll consider trying these products. I can't guarantee they will work for everyone but I wanted to share in case others have been struggling to find the right products for sensitive skin.