3 Tips for Surviving Toronto Fashion Week

Toronto Fashion Week is happening this week, an exciting time when the fashion industry descends on the city to celebrate the best in homegrown, Canadian talent. TFW boasts a hectic schedule of runway shows, every hour on the hour starting in the afternoon and running throughout the evening. It seems as soon as you're exiting one show, you're already lining up for the next one. In between shows, there are friends to meet up with, #OOTD photos to take, people to network with, and brands to engage with. And let's not forget the after parties. How does one get through a single evening, let alone the entire week?! Here are my 3 fashion week survival tips that every fashionista needs to know. 

1. Bring snacks 

As I mentioned, there isn't much time between shows, and certainly not enough time to go out for dinner. You'll want to bring some granola bars, almonds, etc. to snack on. I recently made energy balls from Jamie Oliver's new cookbook and was planning to eat them as a pre-workout snack before heading to the gym but they turned out to be perfect for snacking on at fashion week. 

2. Bring your phone charger

You're going to be using your phone a lot - taking photos and videos, sharing on social media, connecting with others. If you have a media pass you'll have access to the media lounge where they have power bars set up around the room, but otherwise you can usually find a spot to plug in somewhere. Better yet, bring a portable charger instead of your charging cable. I have a Mophie which doubles as a phone case. 

3. Don't drink a lot 

Normally I would not dispense such bad advice because it's important to stay hydrated, but this is an exception. There are no washrooms at fashion week! Remember, Toronto Fashion Week takes place inside a large tent that is temporarily set up for one week. If you need to use the loo, you'll have to go to the food court in the underground area of Metro Hall. It's not that far, but enough to be a tad inconvenient. 

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If you have fashion week survival tips of your own, I would love to hear them!