Thank You, Target

Visited my first Target store yesterday with friend, classmate and fellow design blogger Laura Collins (check out her blog Gracefully Searching here).  It was fun to walk up and down the aisles of home decor items and talk about our design ideas.  Though the overall product offering was a little underwhelming, we each managed to find something for our homes.  Our favourite section was the notecards and thank you cards.  That surprised me, as I'm not exactly the card-giving type.  But now I wish I had lots of reasons to thank people just so I can justify buying one of everything. My favourites were the silver-embossed animal print thank you cards and the cruiser-style bike blank notecards.  Target really does have a great selection of stationery and at reasonable prices. 

I didn't end up buying any stationery, but I did buy a shelf and picture frame set in a stainless steel-looking laminate.  I bought it for my triangular staircase wall that for the last 3 years I haven't been able to figure out how to style.  Hopefully these are the right pieces for that space.