Paris In Four Months...In Three Prints

Hot on the heels of collaborations with Annawithlove Photography, The Glitter Guide, and stylist Tiffany Pratt, SS Print Shop (by Creative Director Stephanie Sterjovski) has now teamed up with Carin Olsson (better known by her Instagram handle @parisinfourmonths) to bring us photographs of beautiful Paris scenes printed with gold-foiled expressions. My favourite is this one of chairs on a bridge  - it reminds me of the time I spent there, walking around exploring the city and finding so many inviting spots to just sit and relax and to just be

Check out the other two prints in the collection here (hopefully they will produce more soon!) and learn more about the photographer and this collaboration here

Happy Friday, hope everyone has a great weekend. And a very happy Memorial Day long weekend to my American friends!