Robert Allen

Last night my Fabrics class went on a field trip to the Robert Allen showroom, where our teacher works.  It was incredible - they have so many beautiful fabrics and my mind started racing with all the projects I would use them in.  The fabric stores in the garment district downtown don't even come close to the offerings at Robert Allen.  I was surprised to learn that they carry Dwell Studio fabrics.  I didn't even know that Dwell Studio had a line of fabrics.  Those patterns were my favourite.  

Our teacher showed us around, highlighting the various fabrics and their applications, explained how their business operates, and then he let us pick out samples for us to use in our final class project.  We'll each be creating a presentation board to illustrate a design concept for a room in our fictitious client's house.  We have several scenarios to chose from, but based on the fabrics I picked out I think I'll end up choosing the "client" who wants a traditional living room.  

Here are all the samples from last night's haul!  By the way, samples were from discontinued and/or overstocked fabrics, so not necessarily what I would have chosen if I had been free to pick anything, but you can believe that I'll pull together an amazing room with the materials I have to work with. :)