Adore Home Magazine - New Book

One of my favourite online magazines is Adore Home from Australia. I'm really into bold, bright colours and pattern-mixing lately, and I have Australian decor to thank for the inspiration I've been filled with recently. Adore's editor Loni Parker published a book last month that I'm dying to get my hands on...the only problem is that it's only available in Australia at the moment. Until it's available in Canada, I will have to be satisfied with the colourful interiors featured in online issues of Adore, on their blog and on their Instagram feed. Not that these channels are lacking in gorgeous images, but an Instagram account doesn't look as good on a coffee table. I mean, just look at that book cover! Other than the Elements of Style book cover (releasing this fall, that I wrote about here), I can't say that I've seen a more stylish and inviting cover. This book won't just be purchased for a look inside - I imagine that it's going to become a staple item in coffee table styling, too.  

If you haven't checked out Adore Home yet, I suggest you stop what you're doing and click over to them right now. Not convinced? Here are a few sneak peeks from the book that were featured on the Adore Home blog:

All images via Adore Home