Staircase Makeover Reveal


There are a lot of changes happening around my house these days and I'd like to get better at documenting them. But before I tell you about the rooms I plan to work on, it occurs to me that I never posted the reveal pictures of my finished staircase! So this is just a brief post to conclude my participation in the One Room Challenge from last fall (you might remember from this post back in October 2017 that I had a couple of house guests staying with me, and my friend's handy boyfriend offered to finish the work I started on my stairs as a thank you for having them stay).

These four photos show the evolution of my staircase: carpeted from when I purchased my house; after removing the carpet; after removing the vinyl tiles that were under the carpet; sanded, painted, and finally finished!

It's amazing how a little paint can go a long way. I'm so happy with the results.

Next up - bedroom makeover! Two years ago I moved my principal bedroom from the actual master bedroom and into one of the smaller bedrooms, turning the master into my home office. Well, now that the boyfriend has moved in, it's time for a change again, and I'm moving the principal bedroom back into the master bedroom. Have a look back at this post to see how the bedroom has looked the last couple of years, and stay tuned for an upcoming post on the changes we make to our new bedroom!