Project Wish List

I’m taking a break from refinishing my stairs – after I pulled up the carpet and saw what was under there, I need to reassess. (I also need to recuperate – that’s a tough job! I went for 2 massages this week!) It turns out that there isn’t a layer of laminate covering the tread and riser – they are covered in linoleum tiles. But regardless of the finish, it’s awful looking, and the original wood stairs are in rough shape, so I think I’m going to just buy a stair kit and cover them up with a nice new dark wood. In the meantime, I figure I should paint the wall going up along the stairs before I do any more work, since I’ll probably get paint drops and splatters on them.

So, since I’m not doing any work right now worth blogging about (unless you want to hear about my recent trip to Home Hardware to ask if they had a double-ended female part so that I could connect a male pole part), then I’m instead going to put together a list of the endless projects I’d like to get around to one day.

• 2nd floor back patio – I’m currently awaiting a quote on tearing down the addition on the second floor and building a patio in its place.

• Kitchen – Until I can afford to gut the kitchen and completely rebuild it with new everything, I’m going to paint the walls, add a backsplash, and freshen up the cabinets by adding trim to the doors and putting on a fresh coat of paint. (But one day I’ll have granite countertops and a gas stove!)

This picture is the inspiration for the immediate kitchen makeover

• Living Room – I finally bought furniture for this room!!! After one year of its being empty, save for an electric fireplace, a bookshelf and a beer fridge, I finally bought a loveseat and a chair. They’re being custom made to my specifications and should be ready in about a week. I still need to find a coffee table, a rug and a sideboard table. It’s also time to start getting some photos and art up on the bare walls. I’d like to get some book-cover art up, since I’m such a book nerd. Eventually I’ll get rid of the beech wood bookshelf and replace it with a darker one with glass doors. There was once a fireplace in the room that has since been covered up, and though I would love to expose the brick, I’m afraid that it won’t be in good condition. So instead I’d one day like to put up those half-bricks that create the look of an exposed brick wall.

• Bathroom – This room needs to be completely gutted. I’d like to put in a deep soaker tub, new toilet, new floor. I want to make it feel spa-like by adding blue, turquoise and white or clear glass wall tiles.

• Master Bedroom – I don’t know what to do with this room. The walls are the colour of baby poo. I can’t decide which colour to re-paint with. I’ll probably just end up going with white.

• Guest Bedroom/Office – I’m looking for a convertible sofa for this room. Right now there’s a huge queen-size, four poster bed in there. It’s gorgeous, but it’s just too big for the space. I’d like to have a couch in there instead so that there’s enough room for me to work in there (the room doubles as my home office) but I still want to be able to sleep two people comfortably. I’m not down with futons, and convertible sofas always come in ugly colours and fabrics, so it’s been a frustrating search. But as for the theme, I’d like to go with black and white and have red accents. I’m thinking of getting damask wallpaper for the accent wall and painting the rest of the room white.

Damask wallpaper from Graham & Brown

• Upstairs Hallway – At present, the hallway is a beige/tan colour, and was painted with oil paint. There are no light fixtures along the hallway so it really didn’t need to be painted this light-sucking colour. I’m sure that whoever chose the paint was going for “neutral” but what they ended up with was “a cigarette smoker has lived and smoked in this hallway for the last 50 years.” I will be painting it white or pale yellow. I’ll start with white primer and see if I like it.

• Floors – The living room is the only room in the house that has hardwood floor, and even this isn’t in the greatest condition. The rest of the house is covered with ugly linoleum (at least 3 different kinds throughout the house). Needless to say, the floors need to be redone at some point. I’m thinking of going with an engineered hardwood on the main floor and a laminate upstairs in the bedrooms and hallway.

• Front Yard – I live on a major street, on a bus route in fact, so I end up with lots of litter on my front “lawn” (and by “lawn” I’m referring to a small urban space with a few plants and covered in mulch). I’d like to plant small round shrubs along the edge of the sidewalk to create a border and prevent garbage from being blown on to my yard. I want to get the neighbour’s chain-link fence out of my sight by putting up a cedar fence. Inside the shrubs and fence, I’d like to plant some flowers. The front porch also needs to be rebuilt at some point – the existing one is rotting and pushing away from the house.

This should be enough to keep me busy for a while!