Painting Project Update

I started painting the ceiling in my bedroom tonight when I realized that I didn’t write a follow-up blog post after all that painting I did during my week off work!  I didn’t end up getting every room painted as planned, but I kind of expected that would happen.  Regardless, I was impressed with how much I got done.  I finished the guest bedroom, my office, and the hallway.  I worked for 12 hours each day the first two days, and by the end of the second day, I was so sore that I had to go for a massage on Wednesday morning.  That massage was amazing.  Thanks to Joni from Totum Life Science for taking away my pain!  After my massage, I was prepared to go straight home and continue painting, but a friend of mine convinced me to go for breakfast with him and I was grateful for that – he reminded me that I was on vacation and that I should be enjoying it and not just working the whole time.  So that was a nice break.  But after that, I went right back to painting (I’m not very good at relaxing!).  Spent a few hours on Thursday doing the finishing touches and that was it for the week.  I may not have gotten started on my bedroom or the kitchen, but I’m proud at all I accomplished in just under a week.  But I can’t take all the credit!  Though I spent many hours painting alone (which I actually find quite enjoyable and meditative), I had help from three very good friends who took turns stopping in, and I am so grateful for them.  J

And now, the pictures.  Not the greatest photos, because I haven’t decorated the rooms yet, but at least you get to see the colours.  (I didn’t take any pictures of the hallway, because…well, it’s just a hallway.  But I promise you, it looks amazing.  When I bought the house, the hallway was this dark beige colour that sucked all the light.  Now it’s white and so much brighter.  Before I painted, I had a 100-watt bulb in the hallway light fixture and it still didn’t light up the hall; but now 100-watts is way too bright and I’m going to have to put in a 60-watt instead!  What a difference paint makes, huh??!) 

Guest bedroom.  The accent wall is the darker colour, all other walls are the lighter colour.

I'm going to put up grey suede headboard panels behind the bed.

Another view of the guest bedroom. 

My home office.  I don't even have a desk yet, but I've got this sexy chaise lounge!