New House Details

I know that everyone has been eager to read about the details of my new house, but with so many people congratulating me and asking me questions, I got a little sick of hearing myself talk about it. While I really, really appreciated everyone’s enthusiasm and encouraging words, I just needed a little break from it for a while. But I think that was long enough! I’m ready to share all the details…

Allow me to take you on a tour through the house. Let’s start at the front door, shall we? You’ll first notice the small yard at the front of the house to the left of the walk, covered in woodchips and rocks. There’s a medium-sized tree on the right of the walk, between my house and the neighbour’s house. Walk up a few steps onto the porch, knock on the door and come on in. You’ll be entering on the right side of the house, into the living room. There is a wall immediately to the left of the entrance, offering those in the living room some privacy from whoever comes to the door, but this wall doesn’t extend far and after only two steps you’re in the living room. The living room is rectangular and ample, with 10’ ceilings and a staircase leading upstairs along the wall opposite the front door. As you walk through the living room, towards the back of the house, you pass under the left side of the staircase to enter into the dining room. Beyond the dining room is the kitchen. It’s a fairly large eat-in kitchen, but needs a bit of TLC. The cupboards are plain and white, and there are two different kinds of countertop (neither of them desirable). Unfortunately, there is no gas stove. Going to miss that about the place I’m about to leave. At the back of the kitchen is a door that opens onto a mud room, where I imagine Mathew and I will store the bikes we use the most for commuting. This room has a door that leads outside, it’s at the side of the house but allows access to the back alley/parking area. Our house backs onto the end of a parking alley. More to come about this later.

The living room at the front of the house.  The entrance is at the left of the photo.  The house has west exposure, so we'll get lots of sunlight in here.

This was what I saw when I first walked in the house.  I immediately fell in love, despite the work that needs to be done on the stairs.  But I saw beyond that and saw the finished staircase in my imagination.

This room should more appropriately be used as a dining room.  We may also use it as an entertainment room.  The doorway at the right of the picture leads to the living room.  Directly behind the camera lens is the entrance to the kitchen.

The kitchen, as viewed from the back of the house.

Let’s go back in the house, to the living room. Where the living room meets the dining room, there is a coat closet on the left (if you are facing the back of the house) and a door on the right that leads to the basement. At the bottom of the stairs is a washer/dryer. Beyond that is the door to the basement tenant’s apartment, so we both have access to the laundry machines without either of us having to go outside. Let’s now go upstairs to the second floor. Once you get to the top, turn left and you’ll see the master bedroom (if you’ve lost your bearings, you’re now at the front of the house, directly above the living room). This bedroom is huge. There’s a large bay window and an exposed, but no longer functional, fireplace. The closet is small, but typical for a house of this age. It’s better than having no closets, though, like where we’re living now! As you leave the master bedroom, you’re faced with a long hallway that leads straight to the back of the house. The remaining rooms are off this hallway. But before we make our way down the hall, look to your right: there is a shorter hallway that runs the length of the staircase and leads to a linen closet.

It's hard to tell from this picture because of all the things blocking it, but that's a bay window.  I'd like to put a bench seat under it.  Perfect place for reading.

Continuing down the hall of the second floor, just past the stairs, we reach the guest bedroom, on your right. There’s another closet in here, about the same size as in the master bedroom. The room itself is large enough to host a double bed and dresser, but not much else. Further down the hall, next to the guest bedroom, is the bathroom. Here we have a pedestal sink that I’d like to replace immediately with something that offers under-sink storage. I’d also like to put in a mirrored medicine cabinet for toothbrushes, hair products, etc. This might be the only bathroom, but it’s a decent size (that is, of the bathrooms that we can use; I’m not including the basement bathroom for the renter in this calculation). At the end of the hall is the third bedroom, which has a door that leads to a sunroom. This bedroom is small and will be used as a music room. The sunroom, which is directly above the mud room beyond the kitchen, is small and has an extremely slanted floor. This will be the bike room, for the bikes that we’re not riding as frequently, and for doing repairs. Of course, we’ll have to level off the floor.

The guest bedroom.

Now if you’ll follow me outside to the parking area at the rear of the house. Currently there is gravel laid down, but I plan on removing it, laying down grass and putting up a fence. A house with a backyard was on my must-have list when I was out looking at properties, but the parking area at this house will be so easy to convert, that I didn’t want to let that stop me from buying this amazing place. Right now you could fit two small cars there and have a couple of feet on either side, so hopefully that will give you an idea of how big the backyard will be.

Also at the back of the house is the entrance to the basement apartment unit. You enter through the unit’s kitchen. It’s a bachelor style apartment. The living room/bedroom is just beyond the kitchen. Past this, on the left, is the entrance to the laundry room. Beyond this is the bathroom on the left and the furnace room on the right. The basement was recently renovated, so it’s really nice looking, and clean. It’s painted a light colour to give the illusion of brightness, but let’s be honest, it’s still a basement, and the two small windows don’t offer very much light. But as far as basement apartments go, this one is really nice.

The basement unit, a bachelor apartment.

And that’s it! That’s my house! Another detail I should mention is that the only room with hardwood floors is the living room. The rest of the house is covered with an ugly linoleum that’s made to look like parquet. Ew. As far as major renos go, the backyard is priority number one, but redoing the floors is a close second. As soon as I’ve saved up enough money, the floors will look a lot nicer. The kitchen floor isn’t so bad, it’s had new ceramic tiles laid down. They’re not the colour I would have chosen (dusty rose) but they’re not completely hideous. Mathew and I will have two weeks overlapping when we have both the new house and the rental, so we’ll take our time painting before we move in. Not that it urgently needs it, but we want to put our own style into it, and it’s better to do that sans furniture. Not that we have enough furniture to fill the place anyway! I think the rooms are going to echo for a little while until we acquire some stuff. I’m okay with that, though, I have some very specific ideas for what I want, so I don’t mind waiting a while until I find just the right things. Oh, and if anyone was thinking of giving us a housewarming gift – please don’t! Your generosity is appreciated, but not your stuff! Other than having a lack of furniture, Mathew and I have more than enough necessities. In fact, a lot of our duplicates are sitting in boxes in storage. Now, if you want to buy us a big comfy armchair, or a bar-style kitchenette set, then let’s talk… : )

The next two months are probably going to go by faster than I want them to, but then it’s party time! Everywhere I’ve lived, I’ve suffered from at least one bad neighbour (sometimes two), so maybe it’s my turn to be the bad neighbour for once. …Nah, I haven’t got it in me! But I can party hard for one night, get the house warmed, then return to normal, domestic life.

P.S. Speaking of domestic life, having a backyard means you have to have a dog. Mathew wants a dog and I want a cat. So we’re getting both!