New Home Benefits

Here are some of the things I’m looking forward to by owning my own house:

- Having a washer and dryer that are NOT coin operated. And therefore, not having to wait until I’ve gone through my entire wardrobe before I can do laundry again, since otherwise I’d be wasting water and money. Oh, and let’s not forget that I’ll no longer have to leave my house to get to the basement where the machines are. Nor will I have to wait for someone else’s load to finish.

- Having water pressure ALL THE TIME. I currently live in a house that is divided into three rental units. There are eight people living throughout these three units. No matter what time I wake up each morning, I will without fail be standing in the shower, shivering for about 5 minutes because the pressure suddenly dropped and the shower stream won’t stay on. In addition to fighting with water pressure, I can guarantee that I will be alternately scalded and chilled by the constant (and sudden!) temperature changes.

- Never again will I have to listen to the basement neighbours fighting with each other. I’d rather listen to an electric guitar at 1am than listen to those two go at it in the middle of the day.

- Higher kitchen counters. I LOVE my kitchen right now and will be sad to leave it, but I won’t be sad when I don’t have to bend over to do the dishes.

- Renovating. After giving up my savings to put towards the down payment, paying legal fees, land transfer taxes, moving expenses, insurance, etc., I’m not going to have any money left over to afford renovations. But over time, I’ll be able to do occasional, small reno jobs here and there. It will be nice to at least know that I can if I want to.