The Most Money I Will Ever Spend on One Thing

Only one week left until my houses closes, and there’s still so much to be done! I accomplished a lot today, though. I set up my accounts for heat and hydro. I tried to phone the water company a couple of times, but I kept getting a busy signal. What is this, 1984, and there’s only one person manning the one phone in the office, and they don’t have call waiting?? The water set up will just have to wait for now. Besides, it’s not as if they just shut everything off until you set it up. I’ve been told that all three utilities (heat, hydro and water) will be active after I move in, without any help from me. Sure, I’ll have to pay for what I use; I’ll just end up paying retroactively.

I spent a couple of obligatory hours on the phone after work today with the various institutions I’m a customer/member with to update my mailing address. I didn’t realize how many cards I carried around until I had to call each and every company. There’s only one card left to change, and that’s my driver’s license. [Maybe this can be done easily online? I’m going to check… Well, what do you know? It can be done online. And it was free! Not sure why I thought I would have to pay for it. And I was also prompted to update my health card too! I’d overlooked that card. This has led me to remember that I also need to update my address with my employer and with my retirement/benefits plan. There must be a checklist available online somewhere that lists all the companies you might need to contact when you move… Yep, found one. Not very comprehensive, though.] A couple of weeks ago, I signed up for Canada Post’s service to redirect my mail for 6 months. That way, if I’ve missed anything, the mail will still come to me, and that will remind me that I need to update my address. Though often all this service does is provide me with junk mail. There was a reason I didn’t update those companies with my new address info!

The biggest shock to my day today was receiving an email from my lawyer, detailing the amount I owe on closing day. Don’t get me wrong, this didn’t come unexpected, but somehow seeing it all laid out like that, a dollar sign followed by 6 figures, really made my new status as a homeowner sink in. Of course, the bank is paying the greater part of the amount due in the form of a mortgage, but I still owe 5 figures of the total on closing day. My part of the amount due was broken down into the following categories: Land Transfer Tax – Provincial and Municipal (oh my god, why does this cost more than an 8 year old Honda Civic in good condition???); Legal Fees; Title Search and Certificates; GST on the aforementioned fees; Registration of Transfer/Deed, Mortgages, Execution Searches (what is this??); Title Insurance; more GST (seriously? 5% is 5%, does this really need to be captured on an additional line?); and then my favourite category: Unaccounted For Disbursements. I’m sure there’s a logical explanation for all of these costs, but as someone who doesn’t understand legal jargon, I’d prefer not to see the phrase “Unaccounted For Disbursements” on my statement. They might as well just say “Additional amount we’re charging you but we don’t really know what for.” I’ve got an appointment with my lawyer tomorrow, to sign all the documents. I’ll find out then what all this means.

Forgot to mention in my last post that I called Rogers last weekend to make an appointment for someone to come to the house on the evening of moving day to set up our Internet. It took 3 weeks for them to figure out how to get it working in my current place. Fingers crossed that they won’t fuck it up in the new house and we’ll have uninterrupted service during the move. That’s right, I said fuck. Rogers makes me angry. I’m not expecting much from them. Thankfully I’ll have Internet access through my Blackberry if it becomes really necessary.

One final thing semi-accomplished: finalized the date and time to pick up moving bins that I’ll be borrowing from a co-worker’s father. These bins are going to help immensely with the move. They’re durable, stackable, and they snap closed so I won’t need to fuss with packing tape. Thank god for these bins, I hate having to collect cardboard boxes. I started collecting them almost two months ago, just in case I wasn’t able to get access to the storage bins, but in all that time I’ve only accumulated 3 liquor store boxes and 3 boxes from Passion Parties’ orders.

Tomorrow: Visit lawyer. Call Toronto Hydro.
Thursday – Monday: vacation!
Tuesday, June 15th, 2010: House closing date! My first official day as a homeowner!!!