1 More Day Until House Closing!!!

It’s Monday night, June 14th. The night before my house closes. The night before I am 100% officially a homeowner. Mathew and I just got back from a short vacation up north to attend his mother’s wedding. It was a beautiful wedding. Very casual, very relaxed, took place at a campsite, lots of amazing people, and as usual the visit with his family went by too fast. But we had to be home tonight, because tomorrow I have a lot of running around to do. At minimum, I need to pick up a money order from the bank and deliver it to my lawyer, and sign a few more papers, so they can complete the paperwork and give me the keys to my new house. Then I have to make copies of the keys and give a set to Matt, the tenant, since he’s moving in tomorrow night. Since I’ve got the day off work tomorrow, I might as well get as much done as I can, while I have my mum’s car (return beer empties, take clothes to Goodwill, etc.). It was nice to have a few days off where I didn’t have to think about house stuff. Especially since my vacation started after I went to see my lawyer. Let me tell you how that went. First, let me start off by saying that Matt (tenant) came over on Tuesday night to sign the lease, and the first thing I told him was, “always read everything before you sign it.” So of course I took my own advice and read everything the lawyer handed me thoroughly before signing. Very glad I did, because I caught two mistakes! The first one was obvious – my name. My name was only misspelled on the documents that the other side’s lawyer provided, so not all pages were incorrect, and my lawyer and I noticed this error at the same time. But the second error was not as obvious and I had to point it out. On one of the pages (again, provided by the other side’s lawyer), there was an address listed that I didn’t recognize. It was referencing something to do with a document that holds the title of the property and transfers it over to me (so basically, the name the ownership is placed under). Since my new home address appeared in another section further on down the page, I just assumed that this other address was for the office of the bureau that makes such title changes. But I didn’t know of any offices on this street, as it’s very residential. So I’m very glad I asked more questions about it, because it turns out that the document was supposed to list the address of the house I just bought! Not some random address a few kilometres away. That was a BIG mistake. The house I just bought may not have ended up being put under my name. It was the initial mistake of the other side’s lawyer, but when it comes to title ownership, you would expect that the lawyer who receives the documents would catch something like this. The moral of the story kids – read everything before you sign anything and always ask questions until you’re 100% sure you understand what you’re reading.

Visiting the lawyer was the last major thing I had to do before closing day. I got to have a nice, relaxing vacation (albeit short) before things get really hectic. I have two weeks to paint, pack and move. I kind of want to take an air mattress to the house and sleep there tomorrow night!

P.S. I found out that “Unaccounted For Disbursements” really does mean “Additional amount we’re charging you but we don’t really know what for.” Lawyers charge you every time they print a page, every time they fax a page, every page that’s couriered. They charge you for time spent on the phone with them. They charge you if they had to get up from their desk to look something up in a legal dictionary while your folder was open. They charge you for bathroom breaks they took while your folder was open. Okay, maybe I’m starting to exaggerate a little, but seriously, I’m not that far off. I would much prefer if they added another $100 to the overall Legal Fees and incorporated all that bullshit into the lump sum. If they’re going to be that nitpicky about charging me for every page that’s printed, then they had better give me a discount for all the reprinted pages due to errors they missed!

P.P.S. The land transfer tax for a house in Toronto is EXPENSIVE!!! Even after the First Home Buyer’s Tax Credit. I was budgeting for a significant sum, but I was NOT expecting THAT much. Whoa.