Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

I’m taking a break from indoor renovations for now, and have moved my focus to the garden. Nothing major, I just thought it might be nice to have a little herb garden, and I thought it might look nice if said herbs were growing out of mason jars. First of all let me say that I am NOT a gardener; in fact, plants usually start to wilt as soon as I come within 5 feet of them. Since I wasn’t sure of exactly what I was doing, I did a little internet research before starting this project. I read that since glass jars don’t release water (whereas pots usually have those little holes at the bottom) then I can use a broken up terra cotta pot to put in the bottom of the mason jar. The terra cotta will absorb any excess water, and if you forget to water the plant then it can suck up water out of the terra cotta. Which is perfect for me, since I’ll likely both over- and under-water my plants. Let’s hope I can keep my herbs alive for more than a day!

Rosemary and basil, courtesy of Fiesta Farms Garden Centre.

These mason jars were only .49 cents each from Value Village!  

Terra cotta plant pot, also courtesy of Fiesta Farms.

Smashing the terra cotta pot was the most fun part of this project!  I got to use the hammer!

Terra cotta shards in bottom of mason jars.

And there you have it, herbs replanted into cute little mason jars.