Have Yourself a Canadian Little Christmas: My Holiday Home

Have Yourself a Canadian Little Christmas: My Holiday Home

Welcome to my home for the holidays! In this post, I'm sharing a tour of my home all decorated for the holidays. This home tour is part of a blog hop that I'm participating in, so at the end of the post I hope you'll visit my fellow bloggers as they share their holiday posts. 

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Guest Bedroom Makeover, One Room Challenge, Fall 2016, Weeks 2-6!

Well well well - it's already Week 6 a.k.a. reveal week of the One Room Challenge and I haven't updated any of my progress since I first showed you the room in Week 1!!! Unless you follow me on Instagram and saw my Insta-stories...otherwise you would not have seen any of the progress. I wasn't planning on entering the challenge this time around, knowing I wouldn't have the proper time to dedicate to it, but I decided to join at the last minute anyway. Sure enough, other priorities took precedence like I knew they would and my weekly updates fell by the wayside. I'm still glad I joined the challenge though, because even if I wasn't blogging about my progress on a weekly basis, the challenge was the kick in the pants that I needed to finally get some work started in my guest bedroom. By the way, if you're new to my blog you can catch up on Week 1 here, and if you're new to the One Room Challenge, learn more about this decorating event on Calling It Home - shout out to Linda for creating this challenge! 

I'll be honest with you - the room isn't completely finished yet. I painted the room (walls, trim and doors) and put the room back together so it's at least in good enough shape that I can have guests stay over, but it's missing the finishing touches like the artwork, window coverings and decent lighting. Here's a reminder of what the room looked like before: 

And here are a couple of pics of the painting in progress: 

And here's a teaser photo of what the room looks like now:   

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll have more of a proper "reveal" to show you but for now I'm just happy that Linda's One Room Challenge got me this far along! 

Since I don't have very much in the way of pretty "after" photos for you to see, hop on over to the reveal photos of the 20 featured participants...trust me, you won't be disappointed! And after that, please visit my fellow guest participants, they have worked so much harder than me and I'm so proud of all they accomplished.  :) 

Painting Project

I haven’t done ANY home improvement projects since my June 2011 Project Wish List blog post.  The two main reasons are time and money.  I also have trouble focusing on one project at a time, and I want to do it all, but then I get overwhelmed and I don’t do anything.  I also have so many conflicting decorating/renovating ideas that I have trouble deciding what to do.  But I’ve finally made a few decisions and took a week off work, so I’m starting with painting the house.  The weekend before I moved in, I painted the living room, TV room and master bedroom.  Now I’m finishing the rest of the house.  Assuming I get through it all, I’ll be painting the guest bedroom, my home office, the upstairs hallway, the kitchen, and re-painting the master bedroom.  Phew!  That’s a lot of work!  I already got started yesterday (Saturday) – did the prep work in the guest bedroom and office (filling holes with putty, taping, sanding), and painted the ceilings in both those rooms today.  Hopefully the ceilings won’t need a second coat and I can get started on the walls tomorrow.  In the guest bedroom I’ve picked a blue/grey colour in two shades, darker for the accent wall and lighter on the other walls.  The office will be a light-medium purple, to go with the dark purple chaise I bought for in there.  I’m going to paint my master bedroom white, then eventually put up black velvet damask wallpaper on the accent wall where the headboard is.  I’ll paint the fireplace black, which is on the wall that is directly across from the wall that will be black damask.  Since the hallway is long and dark I’m painting it white to brighten it up.  I’m also painting the kitchen white for now, to freshen and clean it up, and I’ll probably add a backsplash at some point soon.  I’ve decided against painting the kitchen green, though, because the room right next to it is burgundy and I’m not sure that those colours will flow nicely together.  This is probably more than enough to keep me busy for one week!  

This is all the paint I'll be using this week.