The Hiatus is Over - Lesley is Back!


Hi everyone, I'm back! After a nine month hiatus, I'm excited to finally share my new website with you! I migrated my blog content from my old Blogger site over to this new one hosted by Squarespace and, though it's still a work in progress (I have a TON of formatting to fix, old blog posts to categorize, links to update, sections to add, etc.), I'm ready to start blogging again. The reason I was away from here for so long is because my focus in the last year has been on my work with Wantfolio Group and Want.Canada - I write a series called #WeWantToKnow that showcases and supports the leaders and talent in the Canadian creative arts community. I've had the opportunity to interview incredible people, from artists, fashion designers and interior designers, to influencers, entrepreneurs, tv personalities and more. As much as I enjoy writing these features, I've missed capturing my own life on my blog and I have a lot of exciting things to share. It might take me a while to get this site looking and functioning the way I want it to, so I hope you'll bear with me as I make updates, and forgive me of any broken links and unfinished pages or sections in the meantime. :)

A couple of screenshots of the  #WeWantToKnow  series on the  other  blog I write.

A couple of screenshots of the #WeWantToKnow series on the other blog I write.