Bedroom Makeover REVEAL! One Room Challenge, Week 6 (Spring 2016)

Reveal day for my One Room Challenge bedroom makeover is finally here! The time has gone by quickly and yet it feels like I've been working on this room for much longer than six weeks. There's still work to be done in here - the rug I had planned to bring in from another room ended up being too small, I still need to put up the picture frames for my gallery wall, need to install the ceiling fan, and the trim and moulding will have to wait for a while. But the dark furniture and walls are gone, the room is now filled with lots of light, and once I inject a little more colour into the space it's going to feel as cozy as it did before. Let's get to the photos! 

For comparison, let's go around the room with before-and-after pictures: 

I still have some work to do to get the room more in line with the design board I created, but it will all come together in time. 

Many thanks to Linda from

Calling It Home

for hosting this challenge and inviting guests to participate! Not that I'm finished the room yet but I'm definitely going to be taking a little break from working on it, which will give me time to properly catch up on all my fellow participants rooms - check them out


, there are over 200 of us! And if you missed the 20 featured participants, their reveals can be seen


. I can't wait for the weekend when I can lounge in bed with coffee and my laptop to see all the room reveals. 

I'm hoping to keep up a once-a-week at minimum blogging schedule now that the ORC has ended, so I hope you'll come back for a visit. You can also stay in touch with me on Snapchat (lesley_metcalfe) and on



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