Guest Bedroom Makeover, One Room Challenge, Fall 2016, Weeks 2-6!

Well well well - it's already Week 6 a.k.a. reveal week of the One Room Challenge and I haven't updated any of my progress since I first showed you the room in Week 1!!! Unless you follow me on Instagram and saw my Insta-stories...otherwise you would not have seen any of the progress. I wasn't planning on entering the challenge this time around, knowing I wouldn't have the proper time to dedicate to it, but I decided to join at the last minute anyway. Sure enough, other priorities took precedence like I knew they would and my weekly updates fell by the wayside. I'm still glad I joined the challenge though, because even if I wasn't blogging about my progress on a weekly basis, the challenge was the kick in the pants that I needed to finally get some work started in my guest bedroom. By the way, if you're new to my blog you can catch up on Week 1 here, and if you're new to the One Room Challenge, learn more about this decorating event on Calling It Home - shout out to Linda for creating this challenge! 

I'll be honest with you - the room isn't completely finished yet. I painted the room (walls, trim and doors) and put the room back together so it's at least in good enough shape that I can have guests stay over, but it's missing the finishing touches like the artwork, window coverings and decent lighting. Here's a reminder of what the room looked like before: 

And here are a couple of pics of the painting in progress: 

And here's a teaser photo of what the room looks like now:   

Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll have more of a proper "reveal" to show you but for now I'm just happy that Linda's One Room Challenge got me this far along! 

Since I don't have very much in the way of pretty "after" photos for you to see, hop on over to the reveal photos of the 20 featured me, you won't be disappointed! And after that, please visit my fellow guest participants, they have worked so much harder than me and I'm so proud of all they accomplished.  :) 

One Room Challenge: Week 1, Fall 2016

Hi there! Are you surprised to hear from me? Well you should be, I haven't blogged in months. I've been busy working on a new project - I'm the editor of Wantfolio, a website & app featuring all the best global lifestyle content from blogs & media, it launched at the beginning of the summer and it's been getting all my attention. More on that later though, I promise! I noticed that the last time I blogged was to reveal my bedroom makeover that I did as part of the One Room Challenge last spring, and guess what...that's what has me back on here again - the fall round of the ORC has arrived! In case you haven't heard of it, the One Room Challenge was founded by Linda of Calling It Home - twice a year, Linda rounds up 20 design bloggers to renovate or redecorate a room in six weeks and blog about their progress every Wednesday. On Thursdays, she invites anyone else who wants to participate to join in on the fun, blog about their room makeover progress, and link up their posts on her website to create a supportive community of like-minded people who come together to cheer each other on as we all work to finish a room in our homes. 

If you're new here and visiting from Calling It Home, allow me to introduce myself! I'm Lesley and I started this blog in 2010 as a way to document my house-hunting journey; I was buying a house on my own as a single woman so my blog had the playful name House Before Spouse, and there's a tab up at the top of the page that links back to those early posts if you want to read all about my adventures in first-home buying (or just click here). Eventually though, I felt the need to rebrand and expand my blog's content, and chose to self-title a few years ago. I don't post on this blog very often, but when I do I like to write about decor, fashion, food and other lifestyle pursuits. 

So let's get to the reason we're here today, yes? I'm turning an under-used room of my house into a guest bedroom! Here are the awful before pictures (I'm so embarrassed to admit that the room looks like this, but at least it will make for really impactful before-and-after pictures, right?): 

So obviously the cat litter boxes have to go, as does the Radiant Orchid wall colour! BTW - I chose this colour a year or two before Pantone did!!! And to be honest, I never loved it. I wish I went way darker with a richer purple. Doesn't matter though, I've never used this room, I always joke that the cats have a bigger bathroom than I do. Seriously, even Choupette can't compete with this!! My plan for the room is to turn it into a blue and white, cozy cottage retreat. There's no place I would rather be than at the cottage in the summer, so if I can't spend my winters by the lake in the sunshine, I'm going to bring that vibe to my house in the city. Here are some of the inspiration pics that I've collected, and even though most of them are living rooms I think you'll still get where I want to go with my guest bedroom: 

{img src: Richard Scully}

{img src: House & Home

{img src: House & Home}

 {img src: Farmhouse Touches

{img src: Liz Marie Blog}

I hope you'll stop by next week to see how much progress I've made. A big THANK YOU goes out to


for founding the One Room Challenge and for making it the successful event that it is today. She is a gem for creating a supportive and encouraging community of design bloggers who motivate each other to get sh*t done around our homes!!  ;) 

Did you see the projects that the 20 featured designers are working on? I've read them all and can't wait to watch their progress each Wednesday. Link back


to get caught up. And please take some time to visit my blogging comrades-in-decorating by visiting the guest participant link-up


See you next week! Until then, you can find me on




& Snapchat (@lesley_metcalfe). I'm also creating




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Bedroom Makeover - One Room Challenge, Week 5, Spring 2016

OMG it's Week 5! Next week is reveal week! By now you must know that I'm talking about the One Room Challenge, a decorating challenge created by Linda of Calling It Home where participants transform a room of their house (or a client's house) in only six weeks, updating their progress once a week. But in case you're just tuning in, I'm giving my principle bedroom a makeover (design plan shown above) and you can catch up on my previous weeks here: 

Week 1  //  Week 2  //  Week 3  //  Week 4

When I left off last week, I was due to receive delivery of my new headboard, box spring and frame later that night. All was indeed received, but not without its drama. I failed to realize that the box spring would not be able to fit up my staircase and that I should have ordered a split box instead. This didn't occur to me since the bed I was replacing was only a thin 2" frame as opposed to my new 8" box. I was thwarted by a mere six inches!!! To give you an idea of how narrow my staircase is, here's a progress pic of my solo effort to get the headboard upstairs. 

Did it by myself! It wasn't heavy, just awkward. That sure was a fun night for Snapchat updates! {lesley_metcalfe} 

It was nice to finally move back into this room earlier this week - I didn't think I was going to be camped out on a mattress on the floor of my home office for that long and I was getting tired of it. 

Also this week - I bought a ceiling fan! Remember in Week 1 when I challenged myself to find a sexy ceiling fan? Mission accomplished! Now I just need to find help assembling it in time! 

I installed the wall sconces, not sure I love them because the white shade disappears into the wall, but that's something a little paint can take care of. 

I've been having trouble settling on a drapery choice because I wasn't sure if I wanted a solid colour, something with pattern, or just plain white. I also don't have a lot of money to spend so anything custom is out of the question at this time. But I do need something in the interim, and after checking out several retailers, I think I may have found something I like that I found at IKEA, along with a few other last minute items. It wouldn't be Week 5 of the ORC if it wasn't for an emergency trip to IKEA! 

I still need to get to work on putting together my gallery wall and I can't wait to get to the styling part because the room is feeling a little bit cold and clinical with all this white. It will get there though, and soon! Check back next week because I'll be revealing my new and improved principle bedroom on Thursday, May 12th! I won't be alone that day, I'm in good company with over 200 other talented bloggers/designers who will also be revealing their spaces that day too; in the meantime, see their Week 5 progress here. And for the latest update from the 20 featured designers, check out their Week 5 progress here (these 20 featured designers will be revealing their rooms on Wednesday, May 11th). 

Follow on Snapchat {lesleymetcalfe} and Instagram for sneak peeks before the reveal. See you back here next week!  

Bedroom Makeover - One Room Challenge, Week 4, Spring 2016

Hello! And welcome back for the latest instalment of the One Room Challenge. A quick reminder that the One Room Challenge is a six week decorating challenge where participants makeover a room of their home or a client's home and provide weekly updates along the way. It was created by Linda of Calling It Home and I'm thankful to her for the work I accomplished on four other rooms of my home. This time around I'm working on my bedroom, and in case you are just tuning in, you can start at Week 1 here. Although I hate to disappoint, today's update is more of a non-update. This would be a much richer post if I told you all the things I didn't get done. But that's okay. Moving on. I got a ton of painting done but I'm so fucking sick of painting at this point, I'm not sure I want to look at another paint brush or roller or can of paint or paint tray or drop cloth or [insert painting accessory here] again for AT LEAST the next six months. ...Oh wait - that will be around the time of the next One Room Challenge! Perfect! I will be ready by then! Who am I kidding I will be painting again in a month from now.  Shhhhh 

My bed is being delivered tonight, unfortunately not in time to provide photos for this week's update, but I can guarantee you'll catch a peek of it on my Instagram or Snapchat (lesley_metcalfe) so make sure you're following one or the other or both to see those updates.  

Other than the pending bed delivery that will be wrapped up later tonight, I still have EVERYTHING else to do, so let me leave you with two pictures. First, here is how my painted dresser, painted knobs and painted mirror situation are coming along: 

Please ignore that the esoteric-looking dresser and mirror are slightly off-kilter. For one, the dresser is not pressed up against the wall so this is a weird angel. For two, I have plaster walls. For the uninitiated, even if you measure correctly 17 times before drilling, alignment is still unpredictable. Oh, the joys of living in a 102-year-old home! Kidding, I love my house. 

Second pic - also thought it would be fun to share how I've been living for the last four weeks - sleeping on a mattress on the floor in my office. Glamping! Fun. :) 

By the way, it's a thousand times messier than this right now. This is how it looked 3.5 weeks ago. I can't wait to get back to a normal home life. 

I'm willing to bet that everyone else is further along than I am - shall we go check on them? Click here to see my fellow guest participants and their progress. And in case you missed yesterday's update from the 20 featured participants, visit their progress here. Always much love and many thanks to Linda from Calling It Home for organizing this challenge and kicking us into gear to finished decorating/renovating our homes, one room at a time.  :)