Dec 12, 2016

Have Yourself a Canadian Little Christmas: My Holiday Home

Hi friends! I hope you've been enjoying the lead-up to the holidays! Can you believe Christmas is only two weeks away??? Are you ready? I haven't finished shopping for presents yet, but I've at least finished my Christmas decorating, and today I'm happy to take you on a tour of my home. And by 'home' I mean 'living room.' That's because I don't really go all out - I mainly focus on one room of my house at this time of year. But if that doesn't satisfy your xmas decor desires, then guess what...I'm participating in this home tour with nine other bloggers!!! At the end of this post you'll find links to everyone else I've teamed up with, so please check out their posts too! 

Alrighty then, let's get to it! My holiday decorating is in the small details, like white carnations coupled with boxwood branches (in previous years I've used cedar branches), a wreath hanging from the curtain rod, and a pillow with the word "Peace" embroidered in sequins. 

Here's how the room looks at night: 

One of my favourite views of the room is to look at the sofa through my ghost chairs. I live in a narrow house, so I opt for furniture in glass and acrylic materials because they give the illusion of more space. 

To the right of the large print of Manhattan art is my marble-topped bar. The gold-framed mirror above it has a partner on the opposite side of the room. For the last 5 years I had a red and gold colour scheme and I was getting really tired of it, so this year I switched it up and went with a blue and silver colour scheme. To keep my bar in tune with my decor, I pulled out all the blue-and-white booze that I had on hand! 

Take another turn to your right and you'll see my demi-lune table, perfect for displaying my light-up JOY sign, some cedar branches and my snow globe. And all my coffee table decor books! 

Another turn to your right and there's that other gold-framed mirror I mentioned earlier. I hosted my annual Christmas party two weekends ago and I thought it would be fun if everyone wrote their social media handles on the mirror with special markers I have (Ninja Chalk) so that all my guests can easily follow each other. (Yes, I even drilled a wire basket to the wall next to the mirror to hold the markers for the evening. I've since taken it down, just need to patch the holes.) 

I love the simplicity of cedar branches draped over my gold mirror, with ornaments hung from them... 

I hope you've enjoyed this tour of my living room! I'm hosting my family for Christmas dinner, so I'll be doing another post of my tablescape... at least you'll get some more variety and more of an actual "home" tour! In the meantime, I want to share a couple of the outtake photos of cats getting in the way (but upon looking back, I realize there are cats in almost all my non-outtake photos??! ha!). And following these last two pics, please see my friends who are participating in this home tour blog hop. 

As promised...please visit my friends to see how they are celebrating Christmas - you're in for a real treat with more home tours, Christmas adventures, holiday cooking and more! 


  1. Love the blue! And that mirror! And the cat! Beautiful!

  2. Lesley! I am LOVING your gold mirror and marbled bar! The blue accents just pop right away. The social media on the mirror is such an awesome idea. It also looks so good with everyone's different writing.

    Thanks so much for participating! I am excited for our little hop, and hops to come in the future!

    ps. Love the kitteh pics <3 Love tuxedo cats!

  3. This is so cute! I love the mirror idea. Your home is beautiful!

  4. This is such a fun idea for a post! Your home looks beautiful and I love that your cat made a cameo in some of the shots ;)

    Something About That

  5. Such a festive room Lesley! Love the blue and white touches - especially the matching booze, ha!

  6. You cat looks EXACTLY like our childhood cat "Kitty" - yes, I know. Most creative name ever. Lol! Your living room looks awesome! I love the cedars draped over the mirror. Totally stealing that idea for our powder room! Great job & thanks again fo inviting me to participate in the hop! xo

  7. I love your home! So cozy and cute. Nothing makes a home feel more like a home than Christmas decorations.

    Eleni xo

  8. What a charming living room, I especially love the clever way you've designed this space, everything is on point with the scale and placement! So fun with everyone's SM tags on that gorgeous mirror too, glad to see your friends are not "children" like mine and you actually got SM tags and not other "creative" drawings. ;)

  9. Gold mirrors, marble-topped bar and those ghost chairs... just a few of my favourite things! But can we talk about you pulling out all the stops and decorating with your booze for a sec? New level of commitment and I love it. Also, all the fresh greens everywhere are just perfect! Your home is beautiful, L!